endangered lamar giles

genre fiction

She is a mixed girl her name is lauren or panda that is shy at school and idk about at home.

This takes place in the 21 century. it is at a high schools and a radio station.

This girl is kinda shy she is a photographer at school but when she gets in the radio when nobody knows who she is so she can really open up. Then this person figures out it is her and blackmails her.

She is like the only charector, she has brown and black hair is light skin, and she is shy.

The theme of the book is to be yourself or you will get caught up in something like panda did.

The primary conflict in the book is someone catches her as the grey in the photoblog . Then they make her do a bunch of truth or dares until it gets dangureous. Then it is resolved by her just saying she is the grey.

Be bold, belong pg 85 this means to be you;; how do you get the color grey, throw a panda in a blender pg 34 this just is how she got her name.

Portside-on the portside of a vessel > bulk-the greater part > gta- grand theft auto > anti social-unwilling or unable to associate > endangered- threatened with danger.

I would recomend this book to anyone who like mystery and gossip. there is a tones of mystery in this book and there is a ton of gossip also.



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