Jerry's story BY: max white

I was siting on my bed one day and my mum came into my room with a surprise

"Mum what is it." I say

"we are going to board the titanic in one fortnight!" my mum exclaims

I am so excited I almost forget about tea.

"mum whats for tea today?" I say

"tea and chocolate biscuits."mum replies

so I started drawing again i was thinking about the titanic the whole time and i eventually drew it. i was so caught up in my drawing that I did not realize that my mom was calling me to go downstairs and have tea time. I ran down as fast as i could and fell.


my mum herd me and she said nice one Jerry then got my coat and we went outside and it was brass monkeys out there then we went to the hospital.

The doctor said that i broke my leg an i would not be able to walk for 1 month so i would not be able to go on the titanic. So now i am very sad because i cant go on the titanic. the doctor gave me a wheelchair so i could get around.

I thought that the doctor was the bees knees for giving me the wheelchair for free. The next day I was feeling better and i could some what walk so i went to the kitchen and me and my mum got into a kerfuffle over if i should be walking. The next week it is now time to go on the titanic but my leg is still broken so i cant go. It was tea time we had spotted dick and i shoved it down my cakehole.


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