The One and Only Ivan by: luke

The One and Only Ivan is a story about a gorilla who was taken away from his home and put in a cage or domain at a circus in a mall. Ivan likes to draw pictures which the owner Mack sells for his own profit. There were other animals at the circus such as dogs, cats, birds, and elephants. Stella was another elephant that was near Ivan's domain. Another elephant comes to the circus and her name is Ruby. Stella ends up dying because of a foot injury. Before Stella dies she wants Ruby to live a better life than her. After Stella dies, Ivan starts to think of ways to give Ruby a better life but Mack ends up hitting Ruby with a stick with a sharp end. Ruby ends up getting angry and hits Mack with her trunk. Julia, George's daughter ( George works at the circus), feels bad for Ruby and tells George to put pictures of Ivan's drawings and Ruby on the billboard near the mall. George ends up giving in and in a short time protesters come and say "Save Ruby" or "Elephants Matter". Mack fires George and an inspector comes and decides that the circus is not suitable for Ruby and some of the other animals. People from the local zoo bring boxes for the animals to go into. All of the animals go into the boxes and they get shipped off to the zoo. When Ivan arrives at the zoo he finds other gorillas like him and Ruby finds other elephants. Towards the end of the book Ivan climbs to the highest point that he can go in his enclosure and sees Ruby playing with other elephants. To end the book off Julia, George, and Bob the street dog come to the zoo and say hi to Ivan and Ruby. In my opinion the book was very good and I like how they told the story through a gorillas eyes.



Created with images by Sponchia - "gorilla silverback animal" • angela n. - "San Francisco Zoo" • gmususa - "elephant" • Waiting For The Word - "Of all the people, only Noah's family was saved"

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