Power of Media Addicted generation

The world of social media is a reality many live in. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap chat provide a structured reality wherein a person is encouraged to update their personal characteristics to follow a trend. This video, Look Up by Gary Turk provides an excellent view on how media effects society and stresses the importance of looking away from your phone. Turk starts the video off with an oxymoron, "I have 422 friends, yet none of them really know me." this is to show how unconnected he actually is to those around him although everyone is constantly connected.

The video is a constant progression, showing how people truly act on a cellphone and how it affects others. The strongest progression Turk gave was falling in love. A lost boy standing on the sidewalk with a sheet of paper asks a girl for directions. From that they form a relationship, get married and have kids and grow old together. Then the video shows how all that wouldn't of happened because the lost boy got directions from his phone. He then ends the video saying "put down your display, live life the real way" suggesting that the power of cellphones and social media affects life.


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