THE DRESS Studio INspire BRidal

Your wedding was gorgeous! Everything was perfection and your guests called it the best event of the year! You found the partner of your dreams and they walked you down the ailse in that gorgeous dress. Congrats girl!

All Things Sparkly

Maybe you are thinking you should save that dress for years to come as a momento of that day. Maybe someday you can pass it down? Before you wrap that ivory beauty up and stash it in a basement for the next 20 years....give the following some thought...

Wedding trends change dramatically from one season to the next. Sure a look may work its way back around. After two years bridal attire can be fairly out of date and harder to find a new home for.

Just Listen

If visions of you passing the dress down to your daughter are dancing in your head, we want you to hold on tight and keep it safe. What could be even more exciting is watching your loved one try on as many dresses as she wants to find 'the one'. Watching her face light up when she discovers her own perfect dress is almost as amazing as watching her walk down the aisle.

Studio Inspire Bridal is the bridge between your lovely gown and a new owner. Our 6000 square foot showroom is filled with satin and lace just waiting for the right gal. Brides come day and night to see what we have in stock and are looking for a dress just like yours. Here is the cool part.......are you ready?

Get ready!

Your dress will make you money. Yep! That gorgeous gown can be traded for some cash. We consign bridal attire of all shapes and sizes, play matchmaker and as soon as we have found a new home for it, you get some money for that special thing you've been saving for. Can someone say second honeymoon?

Ok.....so what are the deets? We got you! Fill out the easy form below and tell us a little bit about your gown. When we get that form we contact you to arrange a drop off appointment and then photograph, catalogue and doing the selling work for you. Pretty cool right?

Fresh Start

So give that gown one last snuggle and send it on its way to a new home and a fresh start. You will enjoy not only the extra closet space but also treating your partner to that trip you've been dying to take.