Herold Edgerton MOTION

What is the photographer’s real name and year he or she was born? Is he/she still alive?

Herold Edgerton's real name is Herold Edgerton, born April 6, 1903, Fremont, Nebraska, U.S.—died January 4, 1990, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

What was his style of photography ?

Herold Eddgerton's style of photography was motion pictures


Are there any special photography techniques this photographer uses in his/her work?

Herold Edgerton uses High Speed Camera, Multiflash, Nighttime Photography, Rapatronic Shutter, Schlieren, Shadow Photography, Sonar, Stroboscopic, Time Lapse Photography, and underwater photography.


who did he work for?

He did not work for anyone, he was a professor

Shadow Photography

What type of cameras and lens does this photographer work with, and why?

He used an electronic stroboscope with a special high-speed motion-picture-camera, aerial cameras, a rapatronic shutter, strobe lights, stroboscope.

Rapatronic Shutter

What type of lighting does this photographer primarily use and why?

He doesn't use much light

Who are some of your photographer’s early influences?

no one he wasn't even a photographer till later on in his life.

Night Time Photography

Are there any interesting stories about this photographer or his/her work?

Yes, it is really interesting to me how he was just exploring in science, and accidentally discovered one of the most important pieces in technology of photography


What do you like about their work, and why did you select this photographer?

I like everything about this photographer, it was really cool how he invented so many things and changed photography forever. I picked this photographer because I believe that motion photography is really interesting and is fun to learn about.


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