Einsteinium By: Santana noelle mahler

  • 99 is the atomic number
  • Es is the symbol
  • 252 is the atomic mass
  • Einsteinium is the element name
  • The electron configuration is the numbers at the bottom: 2, 8, 18, 32, 29, 8, 2.
My element!!!!
  • It is a solid at 298 K
  • It is a metal
thermonuclear bomb explosion.
  • It was discovered by workers at Argonne, Los Alamos, USA, and the University of California at Berkeley. Discovered in 1952. Used in thermonuclear bombs like the one above.
  • Unusual facts:
  • 1. It was identified from radioactive debris from the largest thermonuclear bomb explosion as shown above.
  • 2. It has no biological role.
  • 3. Synthetic element that is not present in the geosphere.
  • Physical Properties:
  • 1. Density of solid: 13500 Kg M^-3
  • 2. Molar Volume: 28.52 cm^3
  • 3. Thermal Conductivity: 10 Wm^-1 K^-1
  • Chemical properties:
  • 1. melting point: 1133 [860 C(1580 F)]K
Physical Property
Chemical Property


Created with images by janeb13 - "albert einstein 1921 sad look" • Science Activism - "099 Einsteinium - Periodic Table of Elements" • Jonas B - "Metal" • James St. John - "Copper (Mesoproterozoic, 1.05-1.06 Ga; Keweenaw Peninsula area, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA) 2" • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - "Hubble's New Eyes: Butterfly Emerges from Stellar Demise in Planetary Nebula NGC 6302"

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