Coplan 5 Simple steps to get your tools under control

A Visual Tool Control foam insert solution from Coplan is the ultimate way of ensuring all tools have a home and provides an instant visual indication of any tool that has not been returned.

Whether you are wanting to control small, remote kits in cases, or large multiples of kits across an entire manufacturing facility, we can support your solution.

With 1000’s of tool profiles from almost all manufacturers on our system means that it doesn’t matter which tools you use, we can bring them altogether to build your custom kit(s) and meet all requirements.

Organising tooling is easier that you think with our team on-hand to do the work and support your custom requirements.

Peace of mind in 5 steps

Step 1

Your requirements

Send us your tools list and the drawer/case dimensions that you would like to house them in. This will enable us to outline your project and provide costs and timing

Step 2


We check your tools against our tool library to see what detail we already have. Any tool profiles we don’t hold data for, we will measure/scan (either on your site or at our offices). We also work with a number of partners and have access to tools if you are unable to let us access them directly.

Step 3


Following consultation with you regarding your kitting preferences, tool usage, etc. We design and layout your visual tool control pads to your specification.

All designs are submitted for YOUR approval. We will not manufacture any designs without your sign-off to confirm that you are happy with how we have laid your tool control solution out and we have met your expectations.

Step 4


All of our pads are precision cut using best in class CAD and CNC systems.

Every one of our pads are quality checked and ‘finished’ and can be delivered anywhere you need them in-line with your expectations.

Step 5

Ongoing Support

All pads produced by Coplan are serialised so we can call upon your designs to make alterations should you needs change in the future.

Our teams are also proficient in producing manual and electronic inventory logs of tool solutions we provide to remove the need for our clients to have to produce internal inventory systems. This can either be a Coplan branded model or we can present the information in our clients preferred format.

Pad laser marking is available as an option

You can also talk to us about cases, cabinets and other storage requirements you might have if you are looking to upgrade or alter your existing equipment.