sovietlandia ++where DISCIPLINE is at its finest++

1. If you are out after curfew you will have one of your limbs cut off. curfew is 10:00pm.

2. If you sluff school you will have to go to jail for 1 day.

3.You must eat 3 meals a day. if you don't you wont get to eat for 2 days.

4. The government controls your whole life if you disobey you will get punished.

5. Any crimes will be put on record.

6. Treat others with respect.

7. Must obey responsibilities.

8.You are only allowed to have 2 children.

9.You cannot divorce.

10. You must have a job when your 18

Sovietlandia is a place where discipline is at its finest. discipline is the key to success. without discipline there is no success. Sovietlandia is in Moscow, Russia. Sovietlandia is the capital of Russia.

Typical day in Sovietlandia

First you wake up at 8 am, then you eat at 9, then you go to school at 10. after school you go home at 5 pm and have dinner at 6 pm. then you go inside at 10 then to bed at 11 pm.

My government would be a dictatorship. because the government controls your every move. it would be kinda like Hitler but without all of the killing.

For people who don't like to think for themselves this place for you! don't worry about a thing, all you have to do is go to work and hangout with your family and let the government do the rest.

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