Who AM I hector juarez

its cool

My interests is playing basketball and listening to music, a lot of people know i like to listen to music and ball all day everyday. people think i'm nice and fun everyone thinks that and so i let them, i'm respectful to others. as long as no one messes with me ill be good. i'm respectful to all my friends and a lot of older people but people who tend to mess with me will lose my respect and i will not be the same no more. i don't pretend to be no one i'm chill with attiuitde i listen to music all day and ball up when i can,when i grow up i don't really know what i want to be when i grow up but i plan on staying on track in school and getting money. i have two personailitly i can be chill,and kick back until people start to mess with me and get to me then, i'm someone else ill be the most rude and disrespectful person every.


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