The Time Machine H. G. Wells

Author Bio

Herbert George Wells was born in 1866. He was an english novelist, historian, journalist, and an author of science-fiction stories. Wells worked as a teacher, then he received a scholarship to study at a school with special focuses on the sciences. His father was a shopkeeper. His mother was a housekeeper sometimes.

Theme, Setting, and Genre

The Time Machine is a fictional Sci-Fi adventure in the year 802,701. The theme is about the Time Traveler discovering about how humankind evolving into two different races.

Plot Summary

The Time Traveler travels to they year 802,701 and discovers that humankind evolves into two races. He then travels even further to the future to reveal Earth's future.

Characters in The Time Machine

Time Traveler is the man who invented the Time Machine and traveled into the future.

Eloi are one of the two races in the future, they are the more child-like of the two races.

Weena is one of the Eloi but the Time Traveler saved her from drowning.

Morlocks are the other race that are more beast like and hate light.

The Professors are the Time Travelers peers back in his own time.

Main Conflict

The Time Traveler got his time machine to work and he goes forward in time to the year 802,701. He finds that his time machine is missing after waking up with the Eloi. He discovers the morlocks have built a shrine that he can't open around the time machine, he is tasked with getting it back so he can go back to his time.

Book evaluation

I liked this book, it was a classic in the form of a comic book. It makes it more approachable and i may get the original novel an read it now that i'm introduced to it. I feel the pacing was slow enough to feel all the breathtaking surroundings and makes the world feel alive. But the pacing was still fast enough to keep my attention. The ending was interesting and could be seen in two different ways.


"at sight of these friendly creatures (Eloi), I suddenly lost my fears"
"Have these people no fears at all"
"The beauty of the people in the Upperworld covered the real ugliness of this world"

Vocabulary Words

Dimension- An aspect or feature of a situation or problem.

Universe- The cosmos.

Gay- Happy.

Drapes- Long curtains.


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