Surrealism Assignment by Tony shi

This mural is a surrealistic depiction of the Earl Haig staircase expanding on the idea of Niagara Falls related imagery by covering the floor in a body of water and including a miniature boat.

Original Photo

Influence & Reference

Process Images

Final Image


The objective of this project is to take a corner of Earl Haig secondary school and transform it into an imaginative, and augmented version of itself. A key challenge that I had to face in the project is how to augment this reality without crossing the boundary in which the reality is not longer "recognizable". In my opinion, this is something that I was able to achieve. I've always dreamt of having a waterfall staircase since I was a kid. And since Earl Haig is a Canadian high school, I thought It might be appropriate if I photoshopped Niagara Falls into the composition to further accentuate its Canadian culture.

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