September 24 - 28, 2018 THIS WEEK IN OUR SCHOOLS

Scroll down to see our students and staff in action, This Week in Our Schools!

Featured this week:

  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten Class.
  • Colorado Elementary: Ms. Phillips' Kindergarten Class.
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Yahn's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Owen's 4 Year Old Preschool.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Hepker's Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Calderon's ELL Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Bloomquist's Library Learning.
  • Grant Elementary: Inside Recess Synergy.
  • Grant Elementary: Deaf Awareness Week.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Foxen's 5th Grade Art Classes.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Deaf Awareness Week.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Todd's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Madison Elementary: Mrs. Foglesong's 2nd Grade Class.
  • Madison Elementary: 5th Grade to University of Iowa.
  • Madison Elementary: Attendance Awareness Month.
  • Madison Elementary: 2nd Grade Pet Reveal - Kindness Program.
  • Madison Elementary: Library Scavenger Hunt.
  • McKinley Elementary: Ms. Howell's Kindergarten Class.
  • McKinley Elementary: Ms. Pedersen's 2nd Grade Class.
  • McKinley Elementary: Mrs. Johnson's Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Library Scavenger Hunt.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Schroeder's 6th Grade PLTW Class.
  • West Middle School: Deaf Awareness Week.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Ortega's Class.
  • Muscatine High School: FFA Soils Evaluation.
  • Muscatine High School: Deaf Awareness Week.
  • Muscatine High School: 2018 Powderpuff Game.
  • Muscatine High School: Yoga.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Hovland's Essential Algebra II Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Ag Classes.
  • Muskie Sports
  • District-Wide Staff: Dyslexia Conference and Classroom of the Qtr Grant Winner.


Mrs. Hines' kindergarten class has been learning about apples and Johnny Appleseed this week. Today we made homemade applesauce!


Ms. Phillips’ Kindergarteners have been talking and learning about apples. We made delicious applesauce today.


Third graders in Mrs. Yahn's class presented about the Engineering process during Science class...

...and celebrated these 3rd grader's birthdays!


Franklin 4 year olds in Mrs. Owen's preschool class shared their community maps. They included their houses, places they go, and community workers.


Students in Mrs. Hepker's class learned about worms this week and love to use their new white board furniture!

...and had some special visitors stop in their classroom during Homecoming Week last week!


A 5th grade student in Mrs. Calderon's class translated and helped a 2nd grader with math while working with Mrs. Calderon and Mrs. Sneath.


Third and fourth grade students are enjoying learning how to type correctly through their library lessons with Mrs. Bloomquist.


There’s no better time to practice synergy than during indoor recess! Kindergarten friends work together on problem-solving games and activities. A 4th-grade student created a handmade board game to play with friends!


As part of Deaf Awareness Week, students at Grant watched Deaf Awareness videos and learned signs. A parent of one of the students in Mrs. Cali’s class shared coloring books about cochlear implants with the class. Mrs. Hill read the book to the class and then each student received a coloring book to take home. Students, staff, and parents wore Deaf Awareness shirts to show their support.


Grant 5th Grade students in Mrs. Foxen's art classes worked on clay coil bowls.


Jefferson students said the Pledge of Allegiance using sign language as part of Deaf Awareness Week.

This week for Deaf Awareness Week was a HIT! Signs were taught each morning in multiple buildings. People from every school made shirt orders and represented on Friday! Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing got a wonderful opportunity to teach sign language at Madison then experience restaurant independence after. At breakfast they each read the menu and decided for themselves what they wanted to eat. Then each student had to make eye contact and order their food on their own (voicing, pointing or figuring out how to communicate their wants). This is not an opportunity for communication they are often afforded otherwise. Then we were able to explain etiquette at the table (forks not hands, napkins not sleeves, sitting not roaming, waiting for others to get their food before starting, etc). A kind group of patrons noticed the students being well behaved and purchased cupcakes for the kids.

Friday two Deaf adults came to Jefferson Elementary as role models for the kids. We enjoyed pizza together and the kids asked endless amounts of questions about growing up Deaf, going to college, working now as an adult, their families and how many Deaf people are in their families. Such a great opportunity for our kids!!

For those who are interested in more events the University of Iowa will hold a panel discussion this evening on which our own Kelly Story, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher, will be a panelist.


Students in Mrs. Todd's 3rd grade class showcase the new buddy bench recently installed in Jefferson's playground.


Mrs. Foglesong's 2nd graders participated in Madison's office-free referral reward of game time! Great job 2nd graders!


Madison 5th graders had the opportunity to visit the University of Iowa campus this week!


Madison celebrated September as Attendance Awareness Month with an all school assembly. We had guests speak about why attendance is important and how it helps students grow. Thank you to Mrs. KJ for organizing it!


Madison 2nd grade had their pet reveal for our kindnesses kids counseling program!


Students in grades 3-5 participated in a Library Scavenger Hunt. They used the online card catalog, Destiny Discover, to locate the call number of different kinds of books such as easy, fiction, biographies and nonfiction. They then collaborated to find the books on the shelf.


Mrs. Howell's kindergarten class began using light up readers to find sight words and read our guided books this week.


Students in Ms. Pedersen's 2nd grade class wrote stories about their new pets and practiced measuring in math.

Students in Mrs. Johnson's class at McKinley love it when Winnie comes and visits the classroom.


Students in grades 3-5 enjoyed participating in a scavenger hunt in the library. Students used the online card catalog, Destiny Discover, to look up the call number, (address), of books. They then collaborated to find the books on the shelf. Students had to locate books in the fiction, easy, nonfiction and biography sections.


PLTW 6th grade students in Mrs. Schroeder's class learned about alternative energy by making solar ovens. In pairs, students needed to design then create on their own a solar oven. The solar oven used the sun to make s'mores that the students really enjoyed. Thank you to Happy Joe's for the donation of pizza boxes.


As part of Deaf Awareness Week, students at West watched Deaf Awareness videos, practiced sign language, and watched Jason Liston sign songs in ASL. Students and Staff also showed support by wearing their Deaf Awareness t-shirts.


Mrs. Ortega's class at West love their new job delivering popcorn to staff on Friday's!


MHS FFA participated in district soil evaluation this week. The team finished 8th! Great job Muskies!


As part of Deaf Awareness Week, students at the high school gave presentations about their hearing losses. Staff and Students watched Deaf Awareness videos and practiced sign language. Staff and students also showed support by wearing their Deaf Awareness Week t-shirts.


The 2018 Powderpuff Game was scoreless in regulation time. Both teams showed their passing, running, and kicking talents. Congratulations to the Seniors, winning with an OT touchdown!

Junior Class of 2020
Senior Class of 2019


Friday yoga during Muskie Time: Taking MHS students through a mindful calming and breath exercise to help create better focus and concentration and less distraction during their day.


Students in Mrs. Hovland’s Essential Algebra 2 class simplify polynomial expressions to complete put together triazzles! One student, surprised by the bell at the end of class, exclaimed “Time flies when you’re having fun!”


High school ag classes visited pork 360 and Heckman Farms' new swine facility this week.


Check out the highlights of last week's Muskie Homecoming football win over Iowa City High! Go Muskies!


Teachers and administrators attended a two-day workshop on Decoding Dyslexia Iowa Conference.

Congratulations to Laney Berry for being selected as a Bandag Classroom of the Quarter Grant recipient for the first quarter! Laney will use the award to purchase materials for the Madison Makerspace.

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