Apple Watch Series 2 Liz nordby

Apple Watch Series 2 has a built in GPS, can go 50 meters under water, they have a lightning fast dual core processor, features that help you stay active, motivated, and connected. Not only does it help with your daily life, it also looks good and is customizable. The Apple watch can also connect to your Apple iPhone.

Purchasing an Apple Watch Series 2 is very easy as many stores sell them. Some of these include and Apple store, Target, Kohls, Maceys, Best Buy, and many more.

Buying an Apple Watch Series 2 would really help you in everyday life. They can help keep a schedule, they can have alarms set, you can receive messages. Not only does it help manage you life, but it can help with your fitness, this can track your movement, and help remind you to move around. Another great feature is find my phone, if you have misplaced your phone you just need to press a button and your phone will emit a high pitched giving away its the location.

Apple Watch- Introducing Series 2

Gareth from Techradar reviewed the Apple Watch as a better one than the first one, but still just a luxury and not a need, it does help a lot with fitness but most of the features aren't needed. CLeigh gave a review saying that she absolutely loved the Watch, especially the combustibility. Sara Dietschy also did a review and said that she loved the convenience that the watch offered, she liked being able to get the time, date, and weather all at the same time and very easily.


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