The Absolutely True Diary of a Part -Time Indian Theme

I will talk about the conse quences of alcohol

  • The first source. alcohol abuse among Nat buy options Native Americans have experienced substantial problems with alcohol since its introduction to their culture by early European epidemiological data indicate that elevated morbidity and mortality to the alcohol abuse among this population remain at epidemic levels.
  • Alcohol abuse among Nat buy potions genetically predisposed to crave ever increasing doses of alcohol during a rapid loss of control of their senses .the physiological theories generally suggest significant differences in alcohol absorption and metabolism rates between Native Americans and Cavendish a mid variety of social factors appear to be implicated in Native Americans drinking problems cultural and social orientations, socioeconomic conditions.
  • alcohol abuse among Nat buy option therapies grounded in the medical model,and native Americans group confederate forts have demonstrated varying degrees of success.
  • the second source native Americans of the pier ridge Indian reservation near white clay Nebraska have filed a $50o_ million lawsuit against beer manufacturers for the devastation that alcohol has wreaked on their community for decades.
  • according to the suit ,the four stores sold almost 5- million cans of beer in Olin a town with a populations of only fourteen souls .The suit filed on Thursday in fiddler court in Lincoln Neb alleged that the defendant 'knowingly turned the tiny town of whyteclay 9 into a major bud of alcohol smuggling to the reservation.
  • According to the U.s census ,in the pine ring Indian reservation , more than half the residents live below the poverty line{ versus 15.percent in National} the unemployment rat is abort 8o percent while the tribe is unlikely to over see one cent of the damage sought the lawsuit reflects the desperation of Native Americana who are mired in poverty ,hopelessness low life expectancy ,alcoholism crime,violence and misery.
  • The third source The sad toll of alcohol-related fatalities touches many reservation families, as do arrest and conviction for vehicular homicide. For the individuals convicted of that offense, incarceration generally means confinement in federal prisons hundreds of miles away from home and family, further exacerbating the pain of cultural loss and grief created by the initial problems of substance abuse and addiction.


The mallor of problems it is a cause of the alcohol ,for example poverty ,abuse many peoples suffer of abuse thing that i illegal in conclusion the alcohol can destroy your life and also of the peoples who are around.


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