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This link shows the timeline of the great depression . It will give you everything that you need to know, and i mean everything. From Black Thursday to the early parts of WWII, it will give you every nook and cranny of the Great Depression.

This video is short and sweet. It gives you all of the basic information you need to know about the great depression. Plus it does it in a cool neat animation style .

The depression starts

Times were tough in the 30s for the average America household. The perfect example is the story Where the Red Fern Grows. In this story they are going through this tough time in American history. This event started in the late 1920’s. The economy was doing Farley well until so called “Black Thursday” on October 24, 1929. Around 13 million shares were sold on that day alone. Now wall street was in panic mode.

Hover hoover responds

After this not only did United States economy crash most European economy were also on a downhill, the worst being Germany. Many jobs were lost, in fact by 1931 over 6 million Americans were homeless. The president at the time Herbert Hoover told the American people not to worry and that it would run its course. Boy, was he wrong. By the time that the 1932 election rolled around, the US was in chaos. That moment sealed his fate and he lost the elections to Democrats


Now FDR was a savior for the U.S. One of his greatest achievements were in 1936 when FDR invented the “New Deal”. The deal provides 500 million (9.2 billion if it happened today) dollars to the U.S struggling economy. This changed America as the unemployment rate dropped. Now the great depression didn’t end capitalist society in America, but it did in Germany. After it happened the Nazi party rose to power and from black Thursday alone started the 2nd world war. This event has a devastating effect on the world, and the world was never the same place.

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