consequences of social media By Charles Mizzell

“Nothing has impacted recruiting more in the last 20 years than social media,” Nebraska director of player personnel Ryan Gunderson.

This visualization is showing the process of two high school athletic recruits with very similar lives but because of one of their decisions, their paths went into very different directions

Two smart and successful high school student Athletes
Both excel at the sport they play
Both have big happy families with lots of friends
And with success, both began to get a lot of interest from colleges and begin to get recruited by college coaches
It seemed that their lives were perfect and moving in the right direction

That is until the social media account of one of the athletes was looked at by college coaches and they did not like what they saw....

Many negative tweets about his school and teammates, as well many sexual and alcohol references
Because of this new information all major colleges began to stop recruiting him immediately, while the other athlete was responsible on social media and continued to be recruited
So by the time graduation came along
One athlete was ready to attend a major university, while the other had to settle for a smaller school because even with all his talent no one would recruit him

Making their paths go into two very different directions...

This is becoming more common in college recruiting, it is something that happens everyday because of irresponsible social media use by high school athletes and because of the easy access to information college recruiters have.

Notice how almost all of these have to do with technology

"Never let a 140 character tweet cost you a $140,000 scholarship. " Brandon Chambers


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