you have arrived here either by random twist of fate OR your curious as to my secret formula. fortunately I've included a detailed list....


Libra-ish Sun : Aries Ascendant/Rising

Left home at 15 to see the world

Was taught to snowboard by Tom Sims in 1984

Many creative experiences with mixed media fine arts

Advanced degree in market manipulation

My superpower is to energize

Deep study of many world religions and philosophies

Walked the earth on 6 continents

Learned conversational Spanish and dabbling in Sanskrit

As a child had a pet rabbit named Murphy

Murphy was eaten by our pet beagle

You can usually find me somewhere between existentialist and surrealist...


Produced the last mixed media record sold by Tower Records

Led a crew that chased the Mir space station's crash back into earth, which was the worlds first HD broadcast

Once held all 10 of top 10 live audience world records for broadcasting audience size

Founded 3 startups

Sold 3 startups

Once watched the film Titanic start to finish even though I already knew how it ended


Currently being raised by 2 teenagers

Designed and Built many homes

Enjoys keeping house and working the land

Enjoys cooking and nourishing family

Many long term employment experiences both as owner and employee

Devoted to regular self care practice

Once tried turnips but did not enjoy them


Student of Jyotish

Prefers the "open road"

Slept in 55 countries

Ability to see the Forest through the trees and the gold in others

Surfed 6 major oceans

I grow with time in nature and interaction with animals

My purpose is to guide others to their freedom

Fascinated with influences of the planets

My favorite color is clear


Certified Dharma Type Practioner

Ayurvedic Walking Massage

Ayurvedic Bone Massage

Yogic Breathing

Hatha Yoga Certified Teacher - Tantra Yoga in the Shiva System

Registry ID: 316462

Western Evolutionary Astrology

Western Astrology Chiron Analysis


Synastry / Relationship

Guna Assesment

Dosha Assesment

Vedic Astrology Readings

Bootleg Therapy

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Inhaler of world cultures

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Biography of Troy Snyder