Lyn Tremblay JEWELLERY ART Specializing in handmade polymer clay beads

While my creative journey has evolved throughout a lifetime spanning over 6 decades, my most recent passion has brought me the most joy and satisfaction of all of my artistic pursuits. It involves the wonder of starting with a tiny lump of coloured polymer clay and turning it into a bead that inspires the creation of a piece of jewellery.

Each bead starts as a lump of polymer clay and can involve many steps in the handmade process, including colour blending, texturizing, stamping, sculpting, multiple curings, etc.
For me, the seed for an idea for a piece of jewellery often begins with a 3:00 a.m eureka moment, or it may not reveal itself until the finished bead is in my hand, but simple elements of jewellery design involve things such as the weight of a bead. The larger ones in this photo are hollow and could be created using manufactured spun paper balls or toilet paper. The latter is shredded, soaked in water, formed into balls, dried, covered with clay and baked. Then the bead is soaked in water again, and the tissue is fished out through holes left in the bead. The artistic journey is enhanced when the artist can introduce other elements such as acrylic paints, powders, or in this case, pan pastels to add colour to the baked bead.

While traditional beads with centre holes, most commonly strung to create necklaces or bracelets, are my primary focus, flat 'beads' are also used to create pendants or broaches. Throughout the design process, I am guided by my love of colour and a desire to create works that are fun and funky, and ultimately a work of art that is a delight to wear.

Some finished pieces are created using beads that are finished differently on each side, giving the wearer the option of reversing the piece.
Just finished! The above photo and the one below are of the same necklace. I've just created the beads so they are reversible!
AND sometimes the scrap pieces of clay left over from a project can be turned into something completely different! SEE BELOW
SCRAP CLAY - leftovers were rolled into beads and brushed with a coloured paste called 'Steelblue' Inka Gold by Viva. There are wonderful additives - watercolours, inks, acrylics, powders, pastes, etc. that can be combined with the polymer clay to create unusual effects.
Most commonly, a simple toggle and loop closure is used on the finished necklaces. They are simple to fasten for those who have dexterity problems, and are also metal-free for those who have allergies.
Bracelets are created using strung beads on a thick, expandable elastic that is strong, with the finishing connecting knot hidden within a bead.
Works of jewellery art can be custom-made to complement other pieces of fashion!
I have recently introduced handmade, designer buttons of varying sizes, or they can be custom-made, for those who like to sew or knit.
Artist Lyn Tremblay (right) has attended many retreats focused on the advancement and enjoyment of working with polymer clay. Seen with German artist Bettina Welker at a Toronto workshop in the summer of 2016.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Lyn lives with her husband in London, Ontario Canada and enjoys get-togethers with other clay pals in southern Ontario on a regular basis. In 2017, plans include attending Clayathon in Atlantic City, and a Canadian-hosted event in Morrisburg, Ontario. She is a member of the International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA) and will be attending Synergy4, an event hosted by that organization in Valley Forge, Philadelphia in August.

Lyn Tremblay Jewellery Art is a vendor at indoor and outdoor venues in London, Ontario including the Eldon House show and London's Wearable Art Sale at the downtown Covent Garden Market in 2016.
Artist Lyn Tremblay can be found demonstrating and selling her Jewellery Art at ArtwithPanache in London, Ontario.

Where to find LYN TREMBLAY JEWELLERY ART: Works of wearable art can be found at indoor and outdoor shows in London, Ontario, and the artist is part of a core group of artists exhibiting and selling their work at ArtwithPanache, a gallery located at 140 Fullarton Street, inside the Talbot Centre, in downtown London.

To view items for sale and to follow the artist's creative journey as new works evolve, follow Lyn Tremblay Jewellery Art on Pinterest and on Facebook. CONTACT INFO: email: or phone: 519-226-926-6680

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