Lyn Tremblay JEWELLERY ART Specializing in handmade polymer clay beads

Each bead starts as a lump of polymer clay and can involve many steps in the handmade process, including colour blending, texturizing, stamping, sculpting, multiple curings, etc.

The journey continues....

Since my last posting, I have continued to simply enjoy the process of 'playing' and discovering what can happen when I sit down to condition a batch of clay with no preconceived idea as to what I might create. In the back of my mind there is a lingering notion that I still haven't found my 'voice' - that individual style that identifies one's work. The variety of techniques available for experimentation with this medium is mind boggling and can easily overwhelm, but I believe my recent 'play' has started to reveal a path for me to follow.

Textures and colour...

Anyone at all interested in working with polymer clay soon discovers the excitement of finding different textures that might be used in some way to create interesting effects. My heartbeat quickens as I troll the aisles of a thrift or dollar store! Oh the possibilities! Recently I decided to simply take lumps of raw clay and squish them into some of my texture sheets - no measuring and no manipulating, just let the clay and the texture do their thing.

One bead, squished in a texture and coloured with pan pastels, becomes a focal piece.
'Squished' beads textured using a piece of wire screen.

The resulting squished beads can sometimes be a challenge to drill and string so that they sit properly in a finished design, but it is the quirkiness - beads 'finding' their own comfortable position - that I have come to embrace.

Beads find their own comfortable position in the finished design.

And then there is the colour!

The beads in the piece below might be described as a turning point in my journey with polymer clay. One of two pieces created from beads inspired by a Bettina Walker workshop, it was critiqued by colour guru Lindly Haunani at Clayathon 2017, and a photo posted on Pinterest caught the attention of Sage Bray, author of the blog 'The Daily Polymer Arts'. Positive comments from both experts were enough to convince me I was on the right track in choosing my colour palettes. To my amazement and gratitude, Sage's blog also resulted in me being featured as an Emerging Artist in the summer issue of the 'The Polymer Arts' magazine which focused on colour.

The above photo and the one below are of the same necklace. The beads are reversible.

Fun with texture and colour continues...

Perhaps inspired by the summer festival season that is upon us here in London, Ontario Canada, these are my latest creations. 

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Lyn lives with her husband Harry in London, Ontario Canada and enjoys get-togethers with other clay pals in southern Ontario on a regular basis. In 2017, Lyn will attend Retreats in Atlantic City, and Morrisburg, Ontario, and a Claire Maunsell workshop in Toronto. She is a member of the International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA) and will be attending Synergy4, an event hosted by that organization in Valley Forge, Philadelphia in August. She is registered to attend a week long retreat in France in 2018.

Artist Lyn Tremblay can be found demonstrating and selling her Jewellery Art at ArtwithPanache in London, Ontario.

Where to find LYN TREMBLAY JEWELLERY ART: Works of wearable art can be found at indoor and outdoor shows in London, Ontario, and the artist is part of a core group of artists exhibiting and selling their work at ArtwithPanache, a gallery located at 140 Fullarton Street, inside the Talbot Centre, in downtown London.

To view items for sale and to follow the artist's creative journey as new works evolve, follow Lyn Tremblay Jewellery Art on Pinterest and on Facebook. CONTACT INFO: email: or phone: 519-226-926-6680

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