Toss some discs while moseying through the woods.

Suck down a cocktail while soaking in one of the best views in L.A.

Grab some vegetarian bites and local brews in a place you'd least expect it.

All of disc golf can be credited to one man, “Steady Ed” Headrick. He invented the sport, patented the Disc Pole Hole, opened the first disc golf course and created the Disc Golf Association.
Stop 1

Cruise the woods, toss some discs, and almost join a jam band

• 2 hrs til sunset •

📷: @nothing.but.chains

Pulling in to the parking lot of the DeBell Disc Golf Course the feeling overtakes you of whether you’re in the right place. Walking over to the old caddyshack an elderly gentleman pleasantly confirms you’ve made it to the right place. Just then you start to notice the bare footed “golfers” off in the distance launching discs every which way. After paying a few bucks and selecting a few discs you’re at the mercy of the course. It’s instantly a half comedic adventure through the woods once you wonkily release your first disc. Eventually scoring a par is more difficult than finding a friendly Dead Head to jam out with. Stop at 9? Stop at 18? You make the rules. Just make sure you have enough time for sunset cocktail perfection.

Stop 2

Step out, to your Sunset Destiny

• in the Magic Hour •

Ascending to the mountaintop the juxtaposition between the granola crew you left behind and the hour that lay ahead becomes evident as you round the final corner. The valet at Castaway doesn’t even flinch at the sight of flip-flops and dusty shorts; you’re welcome at this establishment. You’re not here to dine in but to take advantage of the epic views while taking down a well deserved cocktail. After cruising the bar take your spot outside with the other revelers, the thousand-foot drop unlike any other in LA. When the warming rituals take hold of your consciousness and the heaters kick in it will mark your time to descend to the valley below.

Stop 3

Veggie Eats, Local Brews and a Whole lot of Great Vibes

• Post Sunset •

📷: @tonysdartsaway

The familiar front of the local neighborhood tavern is a sight for sore eyes as you approach Tony’s Dart’s Away. Upon entering the friendly bartenders, mellow patrons and unbelievably delicious looking food shows a far more advanced situation. Pony up to the bar or grab a table and scour for your perfect beer to accompany the vegan buffalo wings you’re about to devour. It’s the perfect spot to end your journey, soaking into your seat while playing Battleship. Maybe the guys behind you want to play? Oh wait, it’s your Dead Head friends from disc golf, trippy…


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