Quest for the Shield Registrations are now open for the Quest Qualifier!!

About the Quest for the Invisible Shield

Announcing the first virtual qualifier/in person national golf championships bringing "the healing power of golf" to disabled military veterans, first responders, and the adaptive/general population that will benefit from participating in golf

Under the banner, Invisible Shield, several select nonprofits have formed a strategic alliance to provide increased support and exposure to the critical causes that match with their missions. The Heart of a Lion, John Daly – Major Ed Foundation, the Patriot Golf Foundation, the Uncommon Grit Foundation, and TIU4ALL comprise the founding organizations of Invisible Shield.

Our Founding Members

“Invisible Shield is based on the definition of invisible as ‘someone or something that cannot be seen’, and shield as ‘one that protects or defends’”, states Chick Linski, President of the John Daly – Major Ed Foundation and one of the drivers behind this collaborative effort. “The term ‘Invisible Shield’ was coined during a conversation with Darren McBurnett, US Navy SEAL (Ret), leader of the Uncommon Grit Foundation. We feel that we are providing the recipients of our missions with a sense of protection from their personal challenges by providing valuable resources, support, and opportunities. Each of the foundations involved want our benefactors to be the focal point of our efforts, not the organizations per se.”

Bringing "the healing power of golf" to disabled military veterans, first responders, and the adaptive/general population that will benefit from participating in golf

The Inaugural Event

Golf in Las Vegas

The Invisible Shield Championships

Our Founding Members

The Quest for the Shield is a golf tournament series being hosted by TIU Tour Productions, The Invisible Shield and its affiliated golf based foundations (“The Invisible Shield” or “Shield”). The Invisible Shield is dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of adaptive golfers, juniors in need, and wounded/able Military Veterans and First Responders. The Invisible Shield is raising funds, donating dollars, resources and time to the recipient members physical, mental, and emotional health.

The 2020-2021 series will be limited to North America but will expand going forward depending on any international travel restrictions that may be in place. The first year’s championships will be a 36 hole event expanding to 54 holes starting in year two.


The Quest for the Shield Qualifier series is open to all supportive golfers, adaptive golfers, wounded/able Military Veterans and First Responders. During the membership registration process, please provide complete and accurate applications. You can register online, here. For Adaptive Golfers - you must have a confirmed disability as recognized by the USGA, R&A or EDGA. You must have an active USGA or World handicap in order to compete for World Ranking Points.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS & COST - For the price of a Starbucks per week, a one time annual cost (November 2020 thru September 31, 2021) of $249 (early bird price, of $199 can be obtained by entering a discount code which can be emailed to you by clicking here.) gets you into the Qualifier for the Quest for the Shield. Registrations will close June 30, 2020 (keep in mind you are required to complete twenty two (22) rounds prior to the Championship Event). You can register for a membership here.


Members will receive The Invisible Shield membership welcome package which will include assistance in establishing a USGA and World Golf handicap (if you don’t have one), WR4GD entry, substantial discount with ShipSticks, custom Invisible Shield shirt, one dozen branded golf balls, Invisible Shield branded golf glove, and other bespoke items of TIUTP’s choosing (to be announced prior to Dec 1, 2020 and will be distributed on the beginning of each month leading up to the Championships for the previous months signups).

Shield Qualifier Format

Members will compete using total Stableford (at 70% of your WGH handicap - verified monthly) points in each round to qualify for the annual Quest for the Shield Championship which will be held in September 2021. Members must complete a minimum of twenty two (22) total rounds during the year starting in November 2020 through October 1st, 2021, in which we will throw out your highest and lowest score in the year in order to qualify for the Championship. Accumulative Stableford points will be used to rank participants at all times. Active adaptive golfers may use their competitive rounds as part of their qualifying rounds if they so chose.

Hole19 Automated Scoring Center

We will be using Hole19 as our electronic scoring system to compute Stableford scores and document golf rounds for the Qualifier. You can download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play. This is a free application that also provides GPS yardage tracking, scoring, course bookings, and much, much more. Hole19 will also track the qualifier scores on a monthly basis which will allow you to see where you stand in qualifying for the "The Invisible Shield" championships in October of 2021 in Las Vegas. Please be aware that only Hole19 will give us the info needed to keep your standings current.

At the end of the season, the adaptive members with the 72 highest point totals and non-adaptive members with the 32 highest point totals, regardless of flight, receive invitations into the championship event which will be a stroke play event played at 75% of your established handicap. Stableford will enable us to utilize a point system not unlike the Champions Tour Schwab Cup (dollars earned determine points) to qualify and is to encourage participation throughout the year. National championship shall award the top three adaptive golfers and the top three able bodied golfers in each flight.


The National Championships will be held in Las Vegas NV on 10/20-10/22 (practice round and two competition rounds). There will be no “golf” costs for the qualifiers (reduced airfare and hotel costs are currently under negotiation and pending approval of the USGA concerning amateur status regulations). Our host hotel facility will be the Golden Nugget, the only 5 star hotel in Downtown Las Vegas. Rates and room availability will be announced in mid - January 2021.

There will be 4 flights separated by handicap for the end of the year championship.

+5 - 5 - Heart of a Lion Flight

5.1 - 15 - Uncommon Grit Flight

15.1 - 25 - Patriot Golf Foundation Flight

25.1+ - (Max 40) St. Andrews Legacy Flight

Each flight will require a minimum of 3 players to establish a flight for the event.

Handicaps establishing the flights above are a general rule but can/will be amended for the event depending upon participation. (For example, if there is only 1 player in the +5 - 5, he/she will move to the next flight and the next flight will then be based off his/her handicap).

All men play from yardages ~ 6500 yards. Adaptive tee designations will be posted on this site within 10-14 days. All seated golfers will be allowed preferred lies (bump the ball within 18" of it's original position including sand traps but will play the ball as it lies on the green). Ladies play from the ladies or forward tee if they choose to do so. There are no specific ladies or seniors flight. They will play within the designated handicap flights and the tee difference will be the advantage.

Winners are determined by total Stableford scoring at 75% of your established USGA/World handicap. In the event of a tie for first place in any flight/division, there will be a sudden death playoff to determine the winner.


In order to abide by USGA rules concerning amateur status we will be posting the prizes for the Championship as soon as we get an opinion from the USGA with regards to the anticipated prizes for the Championship.


By signing or electronically submitting a member application and entering/ playing in the Shield Qualifier, the participant understands and agrees that there are certain dangers involved with the participation in a golf event, including but not limited to being struck by lightning, getting hit by a golf club, suffering from heat exhaustion, heart attack or injury from uneven terrain, all of for which risks participant assumes and solely accepts, and waives all claims of injury to body or property against Shield and/or TIUTP. All participants will be required to submit a signed liability waiver which will include all qualifying and championship events in the upcoming season.

Further, the participant agrees that while on the premises of sites hosting the Shield ("Event"), as well as all other presenting sponsors, co-sponsors and representatives affiliated with the tournament, the participant, and any guest, relative or anyone else affiliated with participant, shall be present at their own risk and that Shield and/or TIUTP “shall not” be liable for any claims for injuries or damages whatsoever to person or property of the participant or related person arising out of or in connection with the participation in the Event or presence at the Event. Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Shield and/or TIUTP from all claims by or liability to participant or affiliated person.


(For the Championships)

The Quest for the Shield Championship will strictly enforce a tournament dress code with no exceptions. Collared shirts and soft spikes are required. (Mocks are considered Collared Shirts). No jeans, denims, jogging outfits, or sweatpants are permitted. Shorts may be worn. The Shield will not tolerate swearing, vulgar language, club throwing, alcohol abuse, lack of golfing etiquette, improper use of golf carts, or other such behavior. Such conduct may result in tournament disqualification and suspension or expulsion from the event. The Shield is meant to create a fun and competitive environment for our members. Integrity, Respect, & Honesty are integral to the success of the event. The Rules of Golf will be observed in all aspects of the competition.


Caddies are not permitted on any course unless the tournament course provides them in lieu of carts (sole exception will be vision impaired participants and their guides). It is not guaranteed the course will allow spectators. It is an individual responsibility to check with the host course before the tournament for guidance.


If the course allows us on the course, we play. Bad weather is not of itself good reason for discontinuing play. However, per Rule 6.8.a (ll), a player may discontinue play if he/she believes there is danger from lightning. Any delays or cancellation of a tournament will be determined by the golf course and their staff in conjunction with TIUTP. If a course becomes unplayable during a tournament, the tournament may be declared official if all players in a flight have played at least nine holes no matter the combination. If a tournament is cancelled, a makeup date will be announced as soon as one is determined. Refunds will not be issued, but rather will be applied to the scheduled makeup date or the next available tournament. The choice will be up to the player; however, it must be conveyed to TIUTP in written fashion (email will suffice).

TIU4ALL Contact info:

TIU4ALL, (702) 290-4266, info@tiu4all.org

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