Hydroelectric By: Jalyn Fenwick

Hydroelectric electricity

Hydroelectric power makes electricity by taking water from rivers and dams. It produces electricity by using falling water that spins a turbine that is connected to a generator thorough a large metal shaft.


Generators and turbines use river and dam water, the water will always be there. It is renewable because water will never run out.


  1. Won't pullute air
  2. Clean fuel source
  3. Domestic source of energy


  1. Plants can be impacted by drought
  2. Releases carbon dioxide
  3. Releases methane

Inventor of hydroelectricity

Lester Allan Pelton

Hydroelectricity location

United States, Located Grand Coulee Dam

By;Jalyn Fenwick


Created with images by Deni Williams - "Usina Hidroelétrica Itaipu Binacional / Itaipu Dam" • kvn.jns - "Itaipú" • Ben Tavener - "Itaipu Hydroelectric Powerstation" • Ontario Power Generation - "Adam Beck Complex" • Rose Braverman - "Nooksack River, Washington State"

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