Rock Cycle Project By jonah st.antoine


As you can see these are some of the rocks that I'm going to talk about in rock cycle.The rock cycle is about rocks or sediments getting turned into different rock. Some examples, are in the top right picture, this rock is a sedimentary rock. You can see that it has layers, all sedimentary rocks have layers, and do you know why? I will tell you. wind, water, and ice where down the cliff and carry the sediments to a deposite.after the sediments are in the deposite rock gets on top of sediments and over along time they harden and become rocks but that happens over millions of years.


Metamorphic rocks are rocks that just need heat and pressure. But what you probably didn't know is that they are sedimentary rocks. At first I didn't know how they could become an Metamorphic rock but I read this article and it told me how they where formed. The article said that they are sedimentary rocks but different individual rocks they are combined together to make an Metamorphic rock you need heat and pressure it needs this because it heats up the sedimentary rocks and binds them together to make a different rock a Metamorphic rock.


This is an igneous rock it is grey most igneous rocks are grey because lava cools and when it cools it turns grey or black.How an igneous rock is formed is when rock is underground and when magma comes it melts the rock and when the magma finds an opening in earths surface it shoots up bringing up the rock that it has melted when it gets to the surface the now lava starts to cool.When it is done cooling you get a rock like this one you see.But under the volcano or on the sides of it magma sometimes gets into pools and eventually cools and when it does crystal forms its pretty cool.


If you add all of them you get a rock cycle which means how they can all become the same rock over a over again like to a sedimentary to a metamorphic to an igneous. I will tell you how it work first wind, ice, and water erode a cliff and the sediments go to a deposition where weight gets on top of the sediments and compact the sediments and over along time they form sedimentary rock. After sedimentary rocks are formed they get buried in the earth and compacted with heat and pressure to form metamorphic rocks. After metamorphic rocks are formed they get melted down into magma and when the magma sees a opening in earth's surface it shoots up out of the volcano to make lava.When the lava cools it becomes igneous rock. After all this happens it starts again the wind,water, and ice erode the sediments and carry to a deposition where the process happens again and again it could go on forever and ever.

These are some of the great rocks I've studied and the rock cycle, these rocks I think are so cool in different ways, like color, shape, and texture I look forward to studying more rocks like these ones.
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jonah St.Antoine


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