erosion by water physical

In the picture above we see a small house colapsed over a half eroded hill because the people of this small alaskan island were not capable of controlling the tides. who would blame them, right? what could they have done to stap this. Well they can still save their island from washing away if they try these

  1. they can uses boulder to block unused beaches in order to have something for the waves to break when they crash with the shore.
  2. they can put dams where there have been large rivers like the dried up one in the picture or stretched out bays.
  3. by doing so they would create easy to control streams and with time build up the vegetation to fix the problem, sure going to the beach would be a lot harder but at least their small home island wont get washed away.
fish that have washed up as a result of acid rain

chemical erosion is when a chemical is broken down by an acid such as the ones in acidic rain. acidic rain is a result of the pollution we have created over the years and now we are harming our own environment. One way humans can impact the issues associated with acidic rain is to switch of to hybrid vehicles or figure out a car that runs on water or something of that sort, maybe even steam. Also we need to no matter what stop dumping waste of different kinds int bodies of water because that contaminates the evaporates and precipitates.

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