Brand Equity and the joy of having it

Established brands inspire trust and the sense of an upgraded lifestyle

Brands are a means of self-expression and self-realization.

A brand must continue to actively embrace the fact that their primary products are actually elusive and ephemeral feelings.

Their physical products are mere mediums through which consumers achieve those upgraded feelings of self-expression and self-realization

During the evaluation process, consumers gather information with a "Brand Halo"This is Brand Equity at work.

After the sale is when loyalty gets damaged. If the brands do not perform as expected, Social Media is a willing partner in decreasing Brand Equity.

Service after the sale is important. Customer Interaction with the Brand at every touchpoint is what what Brand Equity is built on.

Interaction with the company still drives the Brand Halo, and therefore Brand Equity.

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karen mountain


Created with images by Joe Shlabotnik - "Prada" • dR junix - "prAda" • zombieite - "S at Tiffany's" • Matt Romack Photography - "Tiffany's Store window" • jimw - "mercedes" • atimedia - "mercedes benz auto grille"

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