Chick Corea Historical musicians until his historical contribution

His contribution directly influences all sorts of commercial music that we listen to nowadays.
Thelonious Monk; birth of bebop

Unusual rhythmic irregularities in the melodic line, use of the whole-tone scale... becomes trendy in the West during 1950s.

recorded in 1958

Unusual rhythmic irregularities in the melodic line, use of whole-tone scale, A conventional large-scale form (AABA with eight-bar sections), From time to time, intriguing harmonies that break the conventional “rules” of jazz harmony…Extremely trendy and fashionable in West during 1950s

Arrives New York in 1959... avant-garde jazz starts. In 1969, Coleman took 8 players in a composition titled 'Free Jazz'. One of the most influential albums in avant-garde era...

Fragmented, angular melodies instead of the long, spun-out eighth-note phrases of bebop, emulation of human voice

John Coltrane; exploratory seeker

Coltrane and the Avant-Garde:

  • Increased use of multiphonics, dialogue within his solos... in 1965, his album "Ascension" gave significant movement in jazz avant-garde... resembles Ornette Coleman's "Free Jazz" but more dissonant
  • anticipated in black activism... wider in middle-class society, special aim at the war in Vietnam which many thought useless.

Herbie Hancock

biggest contribution on Chick Corea's piano textures.

Chick Corea; fast driving fingers on MIDI

reorganize Return To Forever in 1973, converting into electric band, recalling the previous performing experience Miles Davis.

At it's best, return to forever's music was compositionally sophisticated: the group effectively blended


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