I decided to do my commentary on one of "The Daily Conversation's" you tube videos. I find they have very good videos ranging on a wide variety of topics. I find it very beneficial to watch their videos because it gives me insight into the world. The videos are short and to the point with factual information. I feel that they are very good at getting information across. In this video they are reporting on results of a study done by Legatum Institute. I choose to do this video because i feel it is important in the terms of power. We all want to live in a good and prosperous county so that these benefits also come to us. Living in a clean environment and have health relationships between family friends and government should be the policy of all countries around the world. Globalization and industrialization makes this hard to achieve because of pollution and huge influences from outside sources. What I mean by this is that it is important to consider what media you are taking in because They are very unbiased in the way they report things. We can not have bias media or fake news being spread around due to the fact that this might influence other people to cause harm to themselves or others. We must always be aware of each decision that we choose to make. Here is a link to the video.

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