The Devine My First experience of the constants THEATER

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: I did not have any background information about the play until I received the pamphlet. Before the play, I took a look at it and got the idea about the play. Some of the topics that were conveyed during the play were the oppression of the churches back in the day, the representation of Quebec City, seriously terrifying child labor, sexual and emotional abuse towards powerless people. The arts were the main topic of this play. Because of the great settings, I rethought about the child labor and how horrifying it must have been to the oppressed people back in time. The corruption of the church that was shown in the play was sad yet not surprising. The scene when Sarah decides to play as Talbot showed the extreme of being in a poor family because the oppression was clearly displayed. I do not think the play changed my thinking on these topics but it did made me think again about the problems that are involved in.
The Spatial Experience: Although the Constants Theater has always been in the Reitz building where I always walk past by, this was my first time actually coming in to see the play. When I walked in, I was quite surprised at the size of the interior because it was a lot more spacious than I thought. I was told sit in the front line of the second section which gave me a nice view. I was glad how I was not placed too close from the stage because that could have bothered me from watching the play without being able to see the whole setting. I was also mesmerized at the details of the setting. In every scene, the stage made a perfect setting for the play. The probe were surprisingly detailed as well. The distance from the stage was far enough to see the whole setting yet close enough to see each actor's facial expressions and hear them clearly. In my opinion, the place plays a huge role in good life. Where you go, where you get to experience things, and where you learn can greatly affect how the outcomes turn out. For example, if the interior of the auditorium was not quite well-made in general, it could have affected me in thinking about the play. The well-made settings indeed enchanted my experience at the Constants.
The Social Experience: I went to the play with my friend Erica. Before the play, we met up in front of the auditorium and went inside together. While waiting for the baggage check line, we discussed about the play: our assignments and expectations of the play. After we swiped our ids, we were told to fill the seats from the first line. I was glad that we got to sit in the middle section because it gave us a nice view. Before the play started, Erica and I took pictures as we were supposed to, and talked about the stage. We took a look at the pamphlets we were given and talked about how the play would go. During the readmission, we shared our opinions about the play.Attending with my friend really enhanced my experience because I was able to learn about different opinions by sharing with her. Listening to someone else's opinion allowed me to broaden my perspective. I could think about some facts I did not catch during the play. Shared experience, in my opinion, plays an important role in the good life because a person can learn so much more from sharing with others. If you experience something all by yourself, you can only think inside of your own box. However, if you have someone to share the experience, you can learn from that person by discussing and listening to other's opinions.
The Emotional Experience: Some of the topics that were displayed throughout the play evoked a lot of thoughts and feelings. First of all, the sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of an old priest was quite disturbing to me. Also, the intense child labor displayed through Talbot's brother was heartbreaking. I think the Quebec City was well displayed through Michaud who was a typical rich, inexperienced with the world kind of a guy in the play. The serious oppression of the church back in the time as in the play also spoke to me a lot. Talbot's changes in mind and actions made me think about how I make decisions. Throughout the play, Talbot is forced to make a decision that could harm his family and others. Michaud's changes were also interesting to watch. Although Bernhardt was told by everyone what to do or what to be, she stood up for herself and made her own choices which made me think about how I decide things. Her plays and herself were frightened to be taken down. Even then she made great chocies. The play 'The Devine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt gives its audience an opportunity for catharsis, 'come clean.' With numerous messages the play contains, it definitely makes the viewers to ponder upon many things.

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