Advisory Board meetings are held at 5:00 PM on the third Tuesday of every month and last approximately 90 minutes. You can view the latest advisory board minutes below to review the items discussed.


Serving on the Advisory Board offers Oakhurst CC Members the unique opportunity to be an integral part of elevating every aspect of the country club experience. There is one position available every election year for a two-year term. The successful candidate will begin serving the January following the election. Once elected, the Advisory Board will have an internal vote to determine the newest elected member's role on the board.


Any membership in good standing is eligible to nominate and vote. Full Golf, Associate Golf or Executive Golf members may hold official positions. One ballot may be cast per membership - consult with your partner before submitting a ballot. Any subsequent ballots cast under your membership number after the first submission will be invalidated.


Congratulations to the winner of the 2020 AB Elections for the 2021 Term, Bobby Fuller! Michael Schauffler coming in a close second. Votes have been counted and recounted by Membership Director, Lindsey Walker. An additional and separate recount was also done by PGA Head Pro, Paula Olsen, which confirmed the original results.

Thank you to all 4 members who participated in the election! To Bobby Fuller, Michael Schauffler, James Gee, and Nate Brzovich, Oakhurst thanks you for dedicating your energy and expertise to the betterment of the country club. Oakhurst would have been in in good hands with any of you elected to the board! Please consider running in the future! Your efforts are noticed and appreciated!


Oakhurst Advisory Board provides strategic advice to the Management Team & Owners. Unlike a board of directors, the member-comprised advisory board does not have a vote on corporate matters or bear legal fiduciary responsibilities.

Oakhurst chooses to benefit from an advisory board in order to gain from the knowledge and perspectives of a diverse collective. The Advisory Board offers assistance to management in areas that stretch from marketing to managing human resources. The Advisory Board Members set a good example for other Oakhurst Members.

The Advisory Board is composed of accomplished individuals offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives. Meeting monthly, Advisory Board Members provide strategic direction, guide quality improvement, and assess effectiveness. Oakhurst seeks advisory board members whose qualities both complement the existing board, and add creative new ideas and offer support for Management.


Rich Villalobos - President - Lonita and I have been members for 4 years. I am an active member of the Men’s Club and Seniors Club, Lonita is an active member of the Ladies Golf Club. This is my first year, 2019, as Secretary of the Oakhurst Advisory Board. I ran for election to the OAB because I want to part of the solution; providing input, new ideas, constructive feedback and strong membership communications. I encourage you to read the OAB minutes on the Oakhurst website and posted in the hallway bulletin board. When you see me in the clubhouse, feel free to share any matters that are important to you. I’m easy to spot, just look for my beautiful USC Trojans golf bag. Fight On!


Charlie Rogers - Former President - Charlie Rogers resides in the Oakhurst community with his wife Patty. He and Patty are boomerang members, initially from 1995-2000, and then rejoined again in 2011 after returning from a ten-year job stay in the Philadelphia area. Charlie has been an active member of the Seniors Club since his return and participates regularly in the NCGA and Club tournaments. He joined the Advisory Board two years ago as Secretary, and serves as the Vice President for 2019. As with the other members of the Board, we are enthusiastic and encouraged by the efforts of the new management. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship for the Club.


Steve Howard - Vice President


Bobby Fuller - AB Member - Captain of Saturday Team & Newest Board Member "Thank you to everyone who voted! I feel very honored to be a member of our Advisory Board and I am looking forward to starting in January 2021"
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