Agriculture Jake Scharber

The Neolithic Revolution: It began in 8,000 BC, and people discovered how to farm. It changed the way humans live because they didn't have to go hunt for food anymore. Humans could store their food instead of go out everyday and look for it. They could also build permanent settlements instead of move all the time. Their food sources became more reliable.

Wheat was one of the first crops grown by humans

The second agriculture was when humans started to use machines to plant seeds, instead of digging holes by hand. It happened along with the Industrial revolution. This changed farming so that farmers wouldn't get as tired and could also get more done in less amount of time.

This made farming easier and a lot faster.

Third Agricultural Revolution: This revolution is also known as the Green Revolution. This took place around the 1930's to 1960's. Some big changes happened in farming like chemical fertilizer was introduced. Dramatically changed how many crops were produced.

Fertilizer made plants grow faster and look better.

Genetically Modified Organisms: When a gene from one organism is moved to another to improve it. It helps improve the quality of the crops. Some pros of GMO's are resistance to insects, tolerance for heat, cold, and drought. Many people are becoming allergic to GMO products.

Subsistence agriculture- is when the people grow enough food to survive. Commercial Agriculture- is when people farm to make money. Sustainable Agriculture- As people are farming they also want to protect the environment.

Four Fun Facts- There are 47 different types of sheep in the US. The average cow produces 2,100 pounds of milk each month. Soybeans are an important production of crayons. Cows only have teeth on the bottom.


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