About - below you will see a list of all the activities Mrs. Bassler's and Mrs. Hendra's Kindergarten class is doing at Carroll Christian Schools

It’s always exciting to get on the big yellow bus! Thankyou parents and Grandparents for joining us! You made our Kinders feel special!
The musical was fun!
Happy Birthday Micah! What a fun surprise to receive your Flat Me all the way from Prague on your Birthday! Thank you for the yummy cupcakes!
On a secret May Day Mission!
Rainy day Fun with our buddy readers!
Zeke came back from Ohio!
Lily’s Flat Me came back from Maryland and we are learning many new facts about our state!
Eliza’s Flat Me came back with a souvenir T-shirt all the way from San Francisco!
Sami enjoyed her weekend with Larry the Letter Lovin Lion
Cute Kinders! Spring Program
Fun in the sun!
Ethan’s Flat Me returned from Salisbury, Md. and what an adventure he had! An entire book worth! Now we all want to take a field trip and see for ourselves the amazing shipyard and parks that the Eastern shore has to offer!
Thank you so much Mrs. Schott and Ethan for sharing your precious baby lambs with us!
We are enjoying reading together in our science books. This week was so much fun as we learned about our five senses, Smell, See, Touch, Hear and Taste....the activities were a blast!
Our Kinders love our daily walk to check the mailbox for returning “flat me’s”!
Guess whose flat me arrived first???
Paige returned all the way from Florida!
Lisa arrived 2nd from her neighbors home in Maryland.
Olivia came in 3rd, also from Maryland.
Johnathan was 4th and thrilled to be back!
Eric came in 5th from North Carolina!
Testing, testing, 123.....Kinders did as well as can be!
Congratulations Sami! Keep up the good work!
Our Flat Me’s are created!…each one unique and special just like these precious Kinders!
Stuffing and Sealing the envelopes!
Ready for Postage
Thank you Mrs. Reisberg for taking time out of your busy day and helping us weigh and print postage on our envelopes. We learned a lot about The US Postal system.
Once our envelopes were stamped, it was off to the mailbox! We found the box that was marked COD and each one put their envelope in! Then we learned that if we put up the red flag, it notifies the mailman that there is mail to be retrieved and delivered! We have Flat me’s going all over the country! WA, CA, OH, KY, MI, NY, MD, NC, FL and even overseas to Germany and the Prague! How exciting! Now the waiting begins.....I wonder what kind of adventures my flat me will have....I wonder whose flat me will return first!
Where is your Flat Me? What kind of adventures will we have? When will my flat me return?
Happy Easter everyone! Jesus is Alive!
Easter Jelly Bean Sort Graph
Our weatherman Marshall got “snowballed” with marshmallows as he delivered our Spring forecast!!!
Then we all made a marshmallow snowman!
Four friends lifted their friend to see Jesus! Bible time has been a blast as we learn about Jesus miracles. Marshall played the role perfectly!
Brennen with Larry the Letter Lovin' Lion!
Happy Birthday Lisa!
Art Class!
Westminster Library Fieldtrip
We all enjoyed the 3 Little Pig Puppet show.
It was great to have some parents join us!
Having fun at Recess!
Enjoying the weather!
Our first Snowflake!
Nurse Ashley went around and inspected everyone’s hands for glitter! Thank you nurse Ashley, we all learned a lot about how to stay healthy!
We all received special lotion with glitter to rub on our hands, then we had to go wash it off!
Nurse Ashley explaining how to cover your cough!
Elyza enjoyed introducing her mommy (Nurse Ashley) to our class. She shared with our class how we can stay healthy this flu season by washing our hands very well!!!
Musical 💕 hearts.
Valentine’s Day craft fun.... For God so loved the world💕
Oh how “sweet” it is to share Valentines with our friends! Just look at Johnathan’s sweet face!
Sami was all decked out for Valentine’s Day!
Paige enjoying Our fun, yet healthy Valentines Day treat!
Enjoying Valentine Day activities: sorting, counting and graphing candy hearts! Thanks you Tess for your Valentines! Not only was it thoughtful for you to give us all Valentines from the Jr fundraiser, but it sure made our room feel fun and festive!
Lisa enjoyed a fun weekend with Larry the Letter lovin Lion!
Grace and Brennen having a skooter race
Our Kindergartners representing the country of Japan
Our Bobsledding races!
More 100 day fun!
Thank you parents for helping us make our 100 day signs!
Our 100th day celebration!
Sorting coins in Math.
Brennen has joined the toothless wonder club.
Eric had a fun weekend with Larry!
Happy Birthday Elyza!
Figs are yummy!
Addition sentence fun!
Tess enjoyed adventures with Larry the Letter Lovin' Lion this week!
Reading with the servants!
Congratulations Lily for being our December Student of the month. Lily is always joyful and does quality work!
JT and Sarah! our Senior Servants for a day!
Happy Birthday Nathalie!
After we all participated in a democratic vote, Olivia was the winner and rewarded with Aspen a cuddly bear.
Our four gingerbread house runners up!
Go Patriots!
Spirit Week!
Christmas Party Fun!
Christmas Chapel
Our Christmas Pinata!
Brennen making our Christmas craft
Zeke with Larry the Letter Lovin' Lion
Making our Pinata!
Our wonderful actors and actresses did an amazing job in our Nativity play! Each one had a special role and did their very best. To God be the glory!
Nativity play dress rehearsal
Play practice
Our toothless wonders!
Show and tell!
Happy Birthday Paige!
Congratulations Johnathan on your new baby brother!
Happy Birthday Zeke!
Happy Birthday Sami!
Thank you Johnathan for the beautiful wall hanging!
Thank you so much for all your help Mrs. Schott and Mrs. Holbrook! We appreciate you!
The Thanksgiving Feast
We recited Psalm 100 and said a thanksgiving prayer to our Lord!
Our Kinder Thanksgiving feast was a real blessing! With so much preparation, the children really had fun!
All the kinders had fun adding, pouring, and stirring the corn bread muffins!
Busy pilgrims and Indians preparing for our feast.
Butter Tasting!
Butter Making!
Thank you Mr. Schott and Ethan for the informative hands on bee keeper demonstration! All the children were intrigued. The taste of real honey from your local bee hive was SWEET!
We had a blast using our five senses and hypothesizing during Science.
The children were excited to observe our pumpkin science experiment.
The children enjoyed using their sense of smell as well.
The pumpkin dissolved!
We ended our experiment with a cheer and the yummy taste of liquid candy pumpkin!
Thank you for visiting our classroom Commander Dyson!
Elyza was thrilled to have a visit from her Great Grandfather and Veteran!
Grace enjoyed her weekend with Larry!
How adorable is this?
Farmer Wike explains field corn and shows the students what it looks like.
The children enjoyed learning how to ride a saddle
Natalie was happily surprised to have the opportunity to sit in the police car!
Zeke is doing a great job during handwriting.... proper pencil position!
Elyza enjoy d her busy weekend with Larry the Letter Lovin Lion!
Happy Birthday Grace!
Buddy reading!
Eric has lost yet another tooth!
Brennen enjoyed his weekend adventure with Larry the letter lovin lion!
Kinders have fun playing a CVC word game!
Zeke did a great job acting as Jacob during our Bible lesson.
Our class pumpkin!
Carving pumpkins!
"I lost my tooth!"
Opening letters!
Gaver Farm!
Sami with Larry the Letter lovin' lion
Marshall leads the class in blends
Grandparents Day!
S is for scarecrow S-S-S
Practice makes perfect as we buddy up for reading!
Paige is very diligently creates her pumpkin.
Lisa and Tess are enjoying fall crafts.
our Kinders are busy rehearsing for Grandparents day! They sound wonderful!
Happy Birthday Eric!
Eliza enjoyed making patterns also.
Micah is busy working on patterns during Math class.
Kindergarten did a great job of opening Chapel for the first time this week!
Nathan and Tess were chosen to play Pastor Atkinson’s Chapel game.
Enjoying Elementary Chapel in the great room.
How many kinders will fit in a homemade tent?
We learned that after Abraham made it to the land that God had promised him, he built an altar to the Lord and worshiped Him. It is always right to give God thanks and praise!
During Bible we took a long journey along with Abraham to find the promised land!
The Finish!
The Walkathon
Art students were busy painting faces!
Thank you parents and grandparents for joining us and making the day special for our kinders!
What a thrill it was to watch Gods amazing metamorphosis take place! Our butterfly hatched! Through a democratic vote, we named our class butterfly.....BoBo! We learned how to tell if a monarch is a girl or a boy, then it was time to release her! Everyone enjoyed this special time! BoBo was very patient with us and let each student hold her on a flower for a picture! All were amazed at Gods creation!
Ethan had a great weekend with his friend Larry the letter loving lion! He wrote a whole page to tell of his adventures!
We had a blast practicing our letters with shaving cream ! What a fun way to clean our tables!
One of the best parts of our first field trip was our picnic at Westminster City Park! The jungle gym play area was amazing! Everyone had so much fun! Thank you to all our parents who came out to help! Many eyes made for a safe, spectacular, successful trip!
The kinders pose with their Fire hats!
Our students were very attentive as Firefighter Jami showed us all her protective clothing.
Carroll County Firefighter Jami did an amazing job!
Once Firefighter Jami was dressed, she posed for a picture with our children!
We learned about ambulances!
We all had a chance to go into the fire Truck and explore, even Mrs. Bassler enjoyed this!
Nathan enjoying his turn!
Eliza and Grace pose for a picture on the fire truck!
The fire pole was of great interest to our students!
Firefighter Jamie taught us a lot about fire safety and our counties fire station history!
The old antique fire engines were fascinating!
We explored the museum first! Brennen and Eric buddies up!
The “Wheels on the Bus go round and round.....” as we traveled to our First field trip to the Westminster Fire Department! Our kinders were very excited to ride on the bus.
Happy Birthday Jonathan!
Taking the oath!
Listening to the siren.
Riding in the Police Car!
Our K5 Superhero students!
Show and Tell is always fun!
Lisa and Eliza are amazed with the transformation!
Children enjoy learning about metamorphosis!
Ethan had fun showing us his special show and tell!
"E" is for elephant e-e-e
Fire drill
Larry the Letter Lovin' Lion!
Happy Birthday Olivia!
Learning our vowels!
Buddy readers K5
Our Kinders are having fun learning about the days of creation and how God always was and how He made the world from nothing! Our students tried their best to create something from nothing but it just didn't work! God Is amazing and He loves us so!
A great BIG Thank you to Pastor Josh Belcher and Pastor Chris Carabell for coming into our classroom and sharing the special work that God has called you to do in our community! You sure make learning about the Gospel fun and entertaining! Brennen Belcher felt so special to have his daddy come into his classroom!
I is for Inchworm
Learning proper pencil position
All about me
Introducing Larry the Letter Lovin' Lion... which child will he spend his weekend adventure with?
2017-2018 CCS First day of kindergarten!
Micah's helping hands
First day playground fun!
Enjoying our first day of music with Miss Munoz!
Pretzel letters!

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