Welsh water Dosbarth saith

Today we went on a fun and exciting trip to the Cog Moor Centre in Cardiff to find out about how our water is made clean and how we should use water in our everyday lives. 150 litres of water - on average - is used by each person every day! Leaving the tap on for just 1 minute can use up to 9 litres of water! These staggering facts were thrown at us all day and by the end of it, we all came to the conclusion that we need to save as much of this 'delicious, pure, clean' water as we can! Here are a few photos of what we did today!

Here we learned about the water cycle and how clouds precipitate to produce rain. The rain then flows down the mountains, into the rivers and streams and is stored in our local reservoirs. The water is then pumped to our Welsh Water unit to be cleaned and ready for use by us! The waste is then pumped back to a Welsh Water units to clean the water once more before heading towards the sea! Only then for the sun to evaporate the water from the sea into water vapour and condense it into tiny water droplets in the clouds, ready for the next cycle to begin... [And breathe!]
What goes down your toilet? #OnlyWhat'sNecessary!!
"Hey, sir.. look what I've found!"
Sorting out what should be thrown in the bin and what can go down the toilet...
A little example of what happens to our sewers if we put things down the toilet which we know we shouldn't. #Blocked #CottoEarBuds #Nappies #WetWipes #TissuePaper
Starting off on our tour of how the water is passed through a series of specialised machinery to produce clean water.
If only this picture could allow you to smell what it was like standing in front of it... #Pong #DownWind #SmellyBreeze
Yes girls, good idea! #BreatheThroughYourMouthNotYourNose!
Again, more dirt being separated from the water... Do you notice anything that you may recognise here? A golden cluster of corn perhaps? #Indigestible
On a normal day, 3 of these tanks will contain water. After a few days of heavy rain, 10 of these tanks will be filled!
Hot pipes pumping oxygen into the tanks to provide the 'good' bacteria with a perfect climate to destroy all of the bad bacteria.
"Is this where aero bubble chocolate comes from".... [not quite]
One of the final stages of the filtration process. Even the ducks joined us to learn about how our water is made clean! #Quaking!
Clean water is now pumped into our water pipes to reach each and every household in South Wales...
Before we left there was one more thing we HAD to do... TREASURE HUNT!

We had so much fun on our trip today and I'm sure we will think again when it comes to using clean water; making sure we use it efficiently and only when we need it!

If you'd like to find out more about how you could help reduce the amount of water being used, click on the 'Welsh Water' button below!

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