Complete Company Core Coaching Session

Let's make sure your business isn't money in - money out.

Like a bucket with holes...

This information is essential. A small mistake or oversight can cost you a fortune down the road.
This can easily be avoided

This intense Session is conducted by one of our qualified Specialists. Usually coaches tell you to find an accountant or attorney, what out intent is to give you information so you can make informed decisions and get more use out of conversations (of course we still recommend you get these professionals).

Sooner or later you will have to engage in this conversation. The sooner you get this done the quicker you will get to keeping your money.

Did you get your certification?

If not call now 888-994-2783

Your certification verifies that you have received a live Session with one of our qualified Specialists, which covers:

  • An in depth analysis of your corporate structure, outlining your entity options and how these can affect liability and taxes. If you are running things under your own name or as a Sole Proprietor, we need to talk ASAP!
  • A close look at your taxes. How are these filed and by who. Are you keeping as much money as allowed under tax law? At the end of the year it doesn't matter how much you make, all that matters is how much you keep.
  • A thorough discussion about funding your business and properties. How much do you need to get your business set up the right way? How much is needed for expenses: What is too little or too much? How can you get your project off the ground quickly, and keep it growing? Money is expensive (go figure!) so what are the best options for my project? What I self-fund, what should I use credit for, and what should I borrow?
Make sure you didnt start just to stop

Keep your project moving! Call us now to get your session scheduled. All clients will need their certification. Your coaches want your foundation strong so your combined efforts won't be in vain.



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