App Journal Mirna eugenia Dávila García

Lesson 1: Playground Basics
From left to right: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp

I use all of these apps daily, and open them at least three times a day (whenever I have free time or want to entertain myself), but the one that I don't use as much as the others is Facebook.

I think apps are very popular because people use them in many ways and all the time, for entertainment, communicating, learning, investigating, reading, etc. Apps have become important because they help us perform tons of tasks in our daily lives, and make the way of doing things easier.


I downloaded Facebook because I saw all of my friends started using it, and used to chat in there. I also found interesting that people and pages posted things that I liked, and my friends stopped using Windows Live Messenger to chat so I had to use Facebook if I wanted to talk to them online.

Facebook is useful in many ways; it works as a mean of communication because you can get in touch with anyone who has an account via chat, and you can follow pages that spread news about what's happening around the world. People make pages that post entertaining videos and photos so it works as entertainment too, you can make groups, sell things, and many other things.


The only reason for which I remember I downloaded this app was because my cousin showed me that artists posted photos of them on it, and I wanted to see them so I signed up on it. Instagram has evolved a lot since I started using it, nowadays is a very popular app in which you can see photos of anyone around the world who post about their life. It also lets you film live videos and short temporary shots for everyone to see them as well as sending instant messages to other users.


I downloaded Snapchat because I saw it was a really cool way to send messages in a photo to my friends. The purpose of this app is that its users are available to take a shot of a moment and send it to all of their contacts at that instance, and it lasts for a few seconds in their devices. Snapchat has the capacity to post short videos and pictures from real life events that happen all around the world, also it is an app in which you can read short articles from ¨mini-magazines¨ that are published daily by popular magazine publishers and websites.


I downloaded this app not a long time ago, and I did it because I noticed that several accounts posted hilarious things, and famous people posted about their lives, and so. The purpose of this app is to spread news about what is going on around the globe, and for people to expess themselves in a few words and for their followers to see what they think about.


I remember this was the first app I downloaded as soon as I got my cellphone, because this was where my friends got in touch and the only thing that it requests is a cellphone number. The purpose of this application is to be a way in which people send instant messages to each other, and not only between two people, but in a group too; it also lets you make phone calls. Something very useful that it has is that you are able to send videos, images, documents, and voicenotes through it.

Lesson 2: Naming and Identifiers

Apps I Wish That Existed

  • An app that helped me find my glasses when I don't remember where I left them.
  • An app that beeped when I'm on a diet and try to eat something I'm not supposed to.
  • An app in which I can have all my clothes and be able to make outfits.
  • An app that lets you measure the time you take on doing homework.
  • An app that is you're personal agenda and earases by itself the tasks that you already completed without you having to do it.
  • An app that lets you see the TV channels from all around the world, and is free, and legal.
Lesson 3: Strings

“When you develop an app, it’s important to think about who will be ​

using it. An app for kids should look and feel very different from an app for professional artists. Your job as an app developer is to understand the user and to design the app with that user in mind. You want to be sure that the user experience, or UX, is right for your audience.

Take a look at 15 to 20 different apps on the App Store. Be sure to check out all the different categories, like Games, Education, and Kids. Read through the descriptions and look at the screenshots. Write down who you think each app was designed for. What kind of person would download that app? Do you think the app will meet their needs?

After taking a look at the ideas for apps I came up with, I figured out the key audience I want to focus on are teenagers.

I think this app was designed for students who need to keep a record of their schedule, and I think this app would meet their need of remembering the order of their classes.

I believe this app was designed for people who used to play in the 90s with a toy named Tamagotchi, and for people who are willing to entertain themselves with a game to which you have to pay a lot of attention. Someone who would download this app would be a person who likes using constantly their phone and taking care of a virtual pet, I do think this app will satisfy their needs.

I think this app was designed for french teachers and students, or just anyone who wants to know how to conjugate verbs in french. A person who would download the app could be a french student. I think this app does meet their needs.

I think this app was designed for kids who are developing learning skills. A person who would download this app could be a parent who wants their kid to develop their brain by playing minigames, and this app would definitely meet their needs.

This app was designed for a person who wants to practice their listening skills to take the TOEFL english test. A person who would download this app would be someone who is about to take the TOEFL test and wants to use an app that helps them practice for the listening section. I do think this app would meet their needs.

I realize this app was designed for someone who knows how to solve a sudoku and wants to solve many. Somebody who would download this app would be a person who likes solving this type of "puzzles" and wants to entertain themself, by using this app I consider they would meet their needs.

I believe this app was designed for someone who wants to practice in order to know how to solve the four basic operations. Somebody who would download this app would be a parent or teacher who wants their kids to practice or learn the four basic operations by playing minigames. I think they would meet their needs by downloading this app.

I assume this app was designed for children to start learning about chemistry. Someone who would download this app could be a parent who wants their child to start learning about chemistry at an early age, or a kid who is interested in the subject. I think this app would satisfy their needs.

I consider this app was developed to make the process of factorization easier, and someone who would downloaded could be a person who wants to make this process faster in order to get done a math problem rapidly. I think this is a useful app which would satisfy their needs.

I think this is an app made for people to entertain themselves by challenging other players and prove how much they know about certain subjects. I guess people who like competing would like playing this game, and I believe this app will meet their needs.

I assume this app was designed for someone who likes these characters and likes mixing and matching their costumes. Somebody who would download this app would be a person who likes playing with these characters, and I think this app will entertain them.

I think this app was designed for someone who wants to entertain themselves by creating different virtual hairstyles. Someone who would download this app would be a person who wants to play with characters by changing their appearance and I think this app woul meet their needs.

I believe this app is a game designed to entertain the player. A person who wants to spend their time by playing games would be someone who may want to download this app and I consider they would enjoy this one.

I realize this app was designed for entertaining little kids. Somebody who would download this app would be a parent who wants their child to have some fun by being clam using an electronic device, by using this app I consider children will have fun and would meet their needs.

It seems that this app was created to edit videos and pictures and adjust them to the size of social media posts. Someone who would download the app could be a person that frequently posts in social media and likes their pictures to fit. I feel this app would meet their needs.

Lesson 4:

I consider almost all of my Top 5 ranked apps are easy to use, except for Snapchat, because it has several utilities that you are not able to discover effortlessly. The next list names the reasons why some apps are easier to usse than others.

  • Their different functions are seperated in sections.
  • Their different functions are clearly named or shown with icons.
  • They have many appealing colors.
  • They include tutorials or FAQ's.
  • Many of their different functions are shown in their homepage.

After comparing my notes with one of my classmates, we found out that we agreed on our reasons.

Lesson 5

Stand out idea:

  • An app that helped me find my glasses when I don't remember where I left them.

I think this app's purpose is to help you in your daily life when you have a little problem that is easy to solve, but would become easier by using these. I do believe that the problem can really be solved with this app, except for the fact that it may be a bit difficult register a pair of glasses, but not impossible.

I think my app won't be that much of disruptive, but it will help people a lot. Something that my app will do better than any other is that it'll solve a problem that many people who wear glasses suffer oftenly.

Lesson 6

“So far, you’ve been focusing on identifying problems that your app might solve. Now it’s time to turn some of those ideas into app statements, as in the example below. See if you can define your app in terms of the problem it will address. How exactly will your app fulfill its goal?

My app will: Solve a problem many people who wear glasses suffer very often.

because: many persons wear glasses nowadays, there's a theory that the origin of this is the excess of time in front of a screen.

App name: Where Could They Be?

Problem: Help people who wear glasses to find them, when they can't recall where they left them .

My app will tell a person exactly where to find their glasses.

App name: Tic Tac

Problem: Help students measure the time they spend on homework.

My app will hep students have a record of how much time they spend on school.

Lesson 7

I think that there are a lot of features that haven't been discovered yet, and if they were they will really contribute in the evolution of app technology. I believe that it is possible to create an app that detects if the user is falling by taking advantage of the accelerometer of iOS devices. In my opinion, an iOS device could also measure how many times someone rotates their phone along a central axis by using this previously mentioned function.

Lesson 8

Like many others, I've come up with many crazy ideas that an app could do such as detecting things that surround you and so. Some features that come to my mind at this moment are the following.

  • Being able to locate anything you've lost at home with your device by using a kind of radar.
  • Use an app as a universal remote control.
  • Print wireless from an app using ANY printer, without having to set it up.
  • Turn your device's camera into a projector.
  • Download pictures to another device without bluetooth, simply by clicking a download button.
Lesson 9

There is an app used to print wirless called Printer Pro, the problem with it is that it takes a lot of time to set it up with your printer. Another complain that users have had is that is very expensive and is not compatible with many printers.

Other feature for you to download pictures wirelessly from one device to another is Airdrop in iOS, the problem with it is that is only compatible with Apple devices, and this causes a little trouble for many people.

Although this features are not considered the best by users, they are said to be very easy to use.

Lesson 10
  • Color, I would like my app to have few colors, preferably, a white background.
  • Theme, my app should have a theme in which everything matches.
  • Graphics, my app should have “stickers” or “drawings” that will distinguish it from other apps.
Lesson 11
Hungry Cat

I consider that what makes this app appealing is the fact that the cartoon is very cute, specially for catlovers and people who like painting or art. In my opinion, something that makes this icon eye-catching is the fact that it may make you imagine the app is somehow related to puzzles because of the square in the background that look like sudoku's and crossword puzzles. Other thing that is attractive are the bright colors used for the background.

I think that what most users will want to do with my app will be trying to improve the videos or photos they are willing to post on their social media. I’ve pictured my app to be very easy to use, so I would want it to not have a tutorial as most editing apps do. In that way, my app won’t need many taps for the user to start working with it.

I found this app which gets you right into the action, and what got my attention right away was that it had kind of a mini demo with bright colors that showed more or less how the game worked.

I use Snapchat daily, and when I started using it I noticed that it had very attractive graphics, and as I kept using it I found out that it had many “hidden” features which I thought was pretty fun. Although, what provided a good onboarding experience was that it used popping bubbles to show the user how to start using the app.

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