Adobe Analytics for Video Don't Cut the Cord on Analytics: Tips and Tricks

How can I use my video data better?

The most common feedback I hear from customers is, how can I better use my data to obtain more actionable insights? This page will help you to understand how, to make better programming and monetization choices that you'll easily be able to substantiate with Adobe Analytics for Video. Here's how...

Set your video goals and kpi's

Every client has their own unique set of success metrics. Set up your ideal reporting dashboard with our customizable Analysis Workspace Projects

Understand the who, what, where, when, why and how with your video consumption

Segment video data into multiple segments, including:

  • By Device
  • By Timeframe
  • By Genre
  • By Series/Show/Episode
  • By Time Spent
  • By Region
  • By Audience
  • By Live/Linear/On-Demand

Detect Anomalies and Schedule Alerts based on spikes & drops in video data

Capture retention rates by looking at cohort analysis, return visitors with at least one video initiate

Video Fall-out Analysis

Evaluate the fall-out of your visitors, by looking at progress markers of your videos or single video to see when users are becoming disengaged.

  • Content Start
  • 10% progress marker
  • 25% progress marker
  • 50% progress marker
  • 75% progress marker
  • 95% progress marker
  • Content Complete
Create calculated metrics

Data Democratization w/ Actionable Metrics

Calculated metrics allow you to more easily digest and understand your video data at a glance, stop searching for insights and surface them to the top.

Video UV's allow you to distinguish your visitors by only users that have consumed a video.

  • % of Video UV's: Video UV's / Total UV's
  • Average Videos per User: Video Initiates/ Video UV's
  • Average Video Time Spent per Visitor: Video Time Spent / Video UV's

Average Video Time Spent allows you to compare how long on average viewers are engaging with videos compared to the overall length

Video engagement by quartiles is important, but it's also worthwhile to capture viewers that reach beyond a certain time interval

Videos Consumed > 30s: First create a segment that includes video time spent greater or equal to 30 seconds. Then create a metric using this segment with "instances" to get a count.

Monitor Video Advertisements for better placement and targeting strategies to maximize your monetization of videos

  • Ad Completion Rate: Ad Completes / Ad Starts
  • Average Ad Time Spent: Ad Time Spent / Video Time Spent
  • Average Ads Per Video: Ad Starts / Video Initiates
  • Ad Completion Rate by Ad Pod Location: Pre-roll Ad Completes / Pre-roll Ad Starts

Compare Advertisers, Ads, Ad Pod Location, Ad Length, and Ad Frequency to make sure users stay engaged and see relevant ad content

Create Custom segments

Engaged Visitors = Return Visitors

Evaluate the delivery and performance of your videos using custom and standard segments to more effectively gather insights and user behaviors.

Understanding subscribers and their consumption patterns are vital to clearly building that customer profile to target to

  • New Subscribers Segment: Add Audience Manager demographics and first subscribed date to the data, follow their customer journey to see what they're interested in and how often they're logging in through cohort analysis
  • Loyal Subscribers Segment: Identify subscribers that have been a member for more than 6 months and watch videos weekly through cohort analysis, detect anomalies and drop-off's from subscribers to entice them back
  • Legacy Subscribers Segment: Add a segment for subscribers that have been members more than a year and group them into video volume buckets, watches 1-2 videos per session, watches 3-4 videos per session, etc.
  • Subscriber Status: Add a segment based on the subscriber status level, free or paid, bronze, silver, gold, etc. Evaluate paid vs free separate so you can understand viewing patterns and ad delivery better for monetization

Capture the details of your programming like video genre so you can see which ones resonate with your viewers the most to make better programming decisions

  • Comedy Genre
  • Sports Genre
  • News & Politics Genre
  • Drama Genre
  • Action Genre
  • Science Fiction Genre
  • Documentary Genre
  • Reality Genre

Build segment comparisons to view overlap and distinct viewership amongst the types of genres to make better recommendations. Add on the frequency segment to see viewers that watch more than 5 comedy videos a month or 3 drama videos in one session.


I hope that this tips and tricks overview has spurred some ideas for new video dashboards. To access additional Adobe Analytics for Video resources, including how to create a custom video dashboard, click the buttons below:

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