The Lightning Dreamer- Margarita Engle Reviewed by perla m. 04/20/17


Opinions. Ideas. Possibilities. So many! How can I choose? Between bursts of lightning-swift energy, I enjoy peaceful moments when the whole world seems to be a flowing river of verse and all I have to do is learn how to swim.”


Tula wants her parents to let her be like she wants to make every dream and be a very special person and recognized by people. What keeps her from achieving every goal she wants is that her parents want her to be totally mind different to what she wants if not to be as her mama says. She keeps going forward like not telling her parents where she's going, going where she wants to, doing what her thoughts tell her, reconnoitering her intelligence and not depending on anyone but herself.She finally gets her parents to let her be what she wants and yet she has achieved her dreams of being a good writer.


Book Review

A super beautiful girl called Tula she wants to have a profession in life to be a super intelligent pretends that her parents believe in her and still be able to achieve their goals, Something super interesting is when Tula writes about equality for slaves and equality for women should not leave you for nothing or anyone and when she handles charity to do good things. Something that is super bad in the book is that Tula's mom lets it be as she wants it maybe and also as they talk about her always want to make her feel bad about everything. Of course I would recommend this book to other people I would recommend it to my mom Julia and my sister Elida I think it is something super nice for them to realize how to be with people and not treat them badly and let them be as they want. I think that the one who would most like to read this book is my grandmother because she likes to read a lot and she always liked to be a good person and never treat another person different if not always be the same with everyone to have A better life without worrying about anything.

Library- Irving High School
Peace, love, harmony, union, family, dreams .


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