Treating Depression Is medication the best option?

Depression can make a person feel more sad than usual.

A person feels tied down and not themselves when experienced symptoms of depression.

Medication can also make a person's depression worse, leaving them in a drug loop to feel better.

The alternatives are a technique of treatment called the "mind-body approach. The most common and most effective forms of this is yoga. Yoga is a freeing and expressive exercise that is used for more than mind meditation. It frees the body of the constraints and worries that the week or day has held, and if the anxiety is too much, a one-on-one coach is advised for yoga sessions.
The other highly effective method of helping to treat depression is therapy/group counseling. The reason this works so well, is because when a person has depression and that anxiety in them it is hard to release that. So by seeing a counselor or doing group counseling, they can get that all out and it does not weigh on them anymore. This can also be effective if the patient is on the medication, and also helps to wean them off of the anti-depressants.
the person will feel free once medication is taken from their treatment, and they can begin to feel normal.


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