Reaching Depths The Junior Nanovic Grant Experience

Students in their junior year can discover the depth and complexity of European topics or questions that, if explored more fully, could spur them to undertake a substantial senior thesis or final project. The Nanovic Institute for European Studies supports many of these students, creating a precedent and incentive for other students to follow.

Kelly Smith '18 History

The Nazi administration sanctioned the systematic elimination of adults with mental illnesses and disabilities in the T4 “Euthanasia” Program. In preparation for her Honors Thesis, Kelly Smith examined how public dissent influenced the operation in Berlin, Germany.

"This experience has been instrumental in informing the senior thesis I will submit for Honors History in the spring. The primary resources that were solely available in Berlin will serve as the cornerstones of my work."

Kelly Smith received the R. Stephen and Ruth Barrett Family Grant for Best Undergraduate Travel & Research Proposal for 2016-2017.

Francesco tassi '18 International Economics and Peace Studies

Integration is both present and absent in Italian towns adhering to the System for the Protection of Asylum Seekers & Refugees (SPRAR). Junior Francesco Tassi investigated the lives of locals and refugees across six small Italian towns to understand why.

"Listening to and sharing my views with local mayors, frustrated students, unemployed workers and refugees left me profoundly richer. My research and experience this summer has prompted me to apply for a Fulbright grant in Italy."

Francesco Tassi was awarded the Vill Family Endowment for Excellence in the Nanovic Institute in 2016-2017.
Where will your Nanovic experience take you?

A grant from the Nanovic Institute can have a demonstrable, transformative impact on a student’s future. Whether it be through the experience of independent research, a professional internship, conference presentation, or international service, all students return to Notre Dame profoundly shaped by their encounters with Europe.

If you are a student and interested in discussing possible options, please contact

Chris Stump, Student Coordinator

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