Jason Binkley Career Plan

I plan on going into either the Air Force, Army, and at this point maybe even the Navy or it's department, I yearn for adventure and service to my country, I hope to work my way up the chain of command to the point where my actions truly matter, where I can have an influence on the world, and ultimately use and grow my leadership to better our nation.
One of the Air Force's motto's is "Aim High" but I like to apply that to every aspect of my life, I find that a focused plan is better than a generalized plan.
In my short time spent in high school, I have learned a lot, and one of the most important lessons high school has taught me is to not sign up for something you won't like, because you will never put in your best effort. I believe the military is something I will do extremely well in because of my ability to learn quickly and my prior service in the Civil Air Patrol.
This is my life, but I intend to live it to serve things greater than myself, and I believe with my particular talents and capabilities the best way for me to contribute is through the United States military.

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