Hockey sterling haack


  • Hockey was devoloped in 1800's in Canada
  • First games were played in Canada
  • Made form game of feildhockey
  • Students at McGillUniversity made the rules
  • There where six original teams
  • Boston Bruins joined the NHL first


  • You win trophies in Hockey
  • You can win gold
  • You can win silver
  • You can win brones
  • Pros can win stanley cup

Sports like hockey

  • Hockey is like field hockey
  • Hockey is like lacross
  • Hockey came from greek field hockey


  • Pros play 20 min. periods
  • Pewe hockey play 15 min. periods
  • Little kids play 10 min. periods

Time outs

  • Each team has 3 time outs
  • You have to use them wilesy
  • They are 30 sec. to 1 min.


  • They use plexiglas as glass
  • It a clear platic
  • It a subsitute for regular glass


  • There are different kind of ice
  • There is regular ice
  • There is synthetic ice


  • You need pads to play
  • You need knee pads
  • You need shin pads
  • You need lots of pads

The First Games

  • The first games where played in
  • kingston and Ontario
  • Halifax and Nova Scotia


  • Sticks are made out of wood
  • Sticks are made out of metal
  • Sticks are made out of fiberglass


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