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Q: What is the most effective form of government? A: The most effective form of government is direct democracy. One reason that direct democracy is the most effective form of government is because citizens are allowed to vote to change the government. Another reason why direct democracy is the most effective form of government is because there is separation of power. By dividing the power among leaders, not just one person is in charge. For example, if the leader makes a bad decision, others are there too keep him/her in check. Direct democracy is a limited government, that protects the rights of all citizens which is why it is the most effective government.

With a direct democracy, everyone can change the government.

Q: What makes a good citizen? A: There are two main parts to being a good citizen. One is fulfilling your responsibilities. A good example of this is paying taxes. It is a law to pay your taxes. A law is mandatory to do. There is another part to being a good citizen. The other thing is called a right. A good example of a right is the freedom of speech.This means you can speak your mind. There are a multitude of other ways to practice rights and responsibilities, but taxes and freedom of speech are just a few.

This is a picture of the Bill Of Rights. This states the rights and responsibilities we US citizens have.

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