Turtle By Ainsley

My animal lives in the freshwater ponds and lakes. They can grow up to 2.5 feet and weigh up to 200 pounds. The shell of a freshwater turtle is composed of two parts. The upper shell is called the carapace the bottom

Is called the plastron.

The freshwater turtle is a omnivore. Freshwater turtles eat a lot of plants that grow in the water and small insects, snails, worms, and even dead marine animals. The freshwater turtle wiggles its tongue to attract a hungry fish and then snaps down on it with its strong jaw. The turtles food web starts with cordgrass then on to the periwinkle, diamond terrapin, herring gull, blue crab, otter, sheepshead, and grass shrimp.

My animal lives on every continent except Antarctica. My animal needs a place where there is water and warm temperatures. My animal needs a nest to survive from the predators. My animal lives on its own but travels in a group. Its shell helps it escape from predators and it is hard.

My animals predators are raccoons, and large sea turtles. My animal can protect themselves from going to the bottom of the pond and blending in.

Did you know that my animal is among the oldest and most primitive group of reptiles. Also my animal lives all over the world and in almost every type of climate. A lot of the time my animal spends most of its lives in the water. My animal is adapted for a aquatic life, with webb feet or flippers. My animal lives in ponds and lakes, and they climb out of the water and onto logs or rocks to bask in the warm sun.


Created with images by peteoshea - "Turtle" • allyartist - "box turtle wildlife animal" • abinash - "Our Tortoise was so hungry, and he loves to eat slice of tomato thrice in a day before going to bed :) #tortoise #tortoiseshell #tortoises #turtle #sulcata #reptiles #cute #reptile #tortoisesofinstagram #tortoiselover #tortoiseforum #sully #rosietherivet" • BLMOregon - "Lost Lake" • Nerru - "Racoon" • Elias Levy - "Green Sea Turtle" • Ron Cogswell - "Green Sea Turtle at Kahalu'u Beach Park Kailua-Kona Big Island (HI) October 2014"

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