Hitler's rise Hannah Gilbert

  • When Adolf Hitler was a child he was abused by his father.
  • Hitler never finished high school.
  • Hitler dreamed to be a painter when he was younger.
  • Hitler was in a band when he was younger.
  • He lived in a house for the homeless for a while.
  • Also he grew up in a lower middle class family in Austria.
  • Hitler's father would give him orders and was expected to do it, if not he would be disciplined.
  • Hitler's father thought that the idea of him being an artist was ridiculous.
  • Hitler was not born in Germany, he was born in Austria were he grew up.
  • When he was little he was obsessed with going through his fathers books that were about war.
  • Hitler joined the army.
  • At the end of ww1 Hitler was temporarily blinded by mustard gas and was suffering from shock.
  • Hitler was a fiery speaker on the beer-hall circuit.
  • He would purposely talk to intoxicated people in the beer hall circuit so that he would get more support.
  • Hitler was a great speaker and could manipulate anyone in to thinking that he was right about everything.
  • Germans wanted whatever Hitler said to be right.
  • Germans were depressed from the Great Depression and needed a new leader.
  • A few soldiers that worked with Hitler said that he was a bit socially awkward, oddball, and prude.
  • Germans didn't know Hitler was Austrian.
  • In 1920 Hitler changed the name of the German Workers Party to National Socialist German workers party.
  • Hitler had a job as a spy on the German Workers Party.
  • In 1921 Hitler was voted chairman of the Nazi party and took total control.
  • The Nazi's were pretty much unknown in the 1924's.
  • Hitler went to jail and wrote his book Main Keif
  • In 1930 Germany was not doing so well so they needed a new leader.
  • Hitler was offered vice-chancellor but refused and demanded to be chancellor.
  • In 1932 chancellor Bruning cut government expenditure, wages, and unemployment pay, so the job was passed to Hitler.
  • He became chancellor of Germany.
  • Hitler was only given the job as chancellor because two men, Hidenburg and Papen, thought that they could control him.
  • Hitler believed that God called him to rule Germany and the world.
  • In 1929 over 6 million Germans were unemployed, but Hitler stepped in and offered them success.
  • Hitler was forbidden to speak in the states of Bavaria and Saxony.
  • He believed France and Britain were trying to starve their children.
  • Hitler and Germany thought that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair.
  • Germans believed that Hitler would be the savior of their nation.
  • In 1932 the Nazi party became the largest party in German parliament.
  • Hitler started to use his voice against Jews and so did the Nazi party.
  • In 1932 Hitler ran for president, but lost the election.
  • Hitler then rose to power because the weakness of the weimar system.
  • Industrialists gave money and support to Hitler.
  • Many workers turned to communism, but this scared wealthy businessmen, so they financed Hitlers campaigns.
  • Hitler started to hate Jews a lot more and so did the Nazi's.
  • Hitler's had hatred public rally's about Jews in 1923.
  • Hitler set about making himself absolute ruler of Germany under Article 48.
  • In 1934 president Hidenburg died and Hitler took complete power.
  • Hitler promised a better life to his people and to make Germany glorious.
  • Hitler took control of the German government in 1933.
  • Hitler didn't take power, he was given it.
  • Hitler took to much power so he used it against Jews, handicaps, people who didn't like him, etc.
  • Hitler then had a concentration camp for Jews and others.
  • Hitler promised Germany to overturn allied states to gain support from Germany.
  • Hitler tried to avoid being arrested for evading military service in Austria, Hungary.
  • Hitler married an actress.
  • Hitler started to go down hill in war and was losing.
  • Hitler started to have issues with war and didn't know what to do.
  • Hitler then committed suicide.

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