Connected, Responsive, Secure Belmont Day is excited to introduce three new tools that support the home-school partnership: Veracross, Magnus Health, and Seesaw.

About Veracross

  • Veracross is an integrated database designed specifically for independent schools
  • The company is local and based in Wakefield
  • Veracross is hosted securely on Amazon Web Service’s modern cloud platform
  • An annual independent audit ensures that Veracross privacy practices follow industry-leading principles for maintaining subjects’ privacy and rights

The Veracross Parent Portal will be the new password-protected home for directories, report cards, forms, conference sign-ups, and more. Many features will be launched over the summer and by the first day of school. Other features will be rolled out over the course of the 2020-2021 school year.

About Magnus

Magnus Health is a well-known healthcare management system for schools. Like Veracross, the Magnus Health SMR (Student Medical Record) is a web-based system, so parents will have continuous access to their child’s health record and the ability to make updates when needed.


  • Single sign-on to Magnus Health with Veracross
  • Less paperwork for parents
  • More accurate information available to the school
  • Magnus Health is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and security of the personal information of users
  • The Personal Health Record (PHR) mobile app allows parents to submit forms directly from a mobile device
Veracross and Magnus Health will be available on August 1. Families will receive an email with information about accessing their account.

About Seesaw

  • Streamlines communication with parents
  • Teachers can give timely, regular feedback to students in pre-k through grade three
  • Students have more opportunities to become independent in accessing, completing, and submitting their work
  • Provides multiple ways for children to complete work—written, typed, video-recorded, voice-recorded, or drawn
  • Allows teachers to directly communicate with students
Look for an FAQ on August 1 that will outline the features and benefits!