Dear Graduate Mentoring Center Community,

Effective July 31, 2021, I will step down from my position as founding director of The Graduate Mentoring Center Bloomington (GMC). For information about The GMC please email iugmc@iu.edu to contact Jennifer Park, Graduate Assistant. For mentoring resources and updates to these resources continue to check our website here.

Thank you:

  • Dr. Maxine Watson, Dr. Jane McLeod, and Dr. James Wimbush for the invitation to develop The GMC from concept to being.
  • Dr. David Daleke, Dr. Yolanda Trevino, Dr. Jack Schmit, Ms. Kimberly Bunch, and the University Graduate School staff (past and present) for your support.
  • students, faculty, and staff for trusting me and yourselves to imagine what was not there yet, and to co-create and bring it alive for the IU graduate community.
  • graduate assistants (past and present) who were instrumental in developing The GMC: Ali Farr, Shayla Lawson, Ian Ermatinger-Salas, Yoo Young Ahn, Cari Friesen, Keino Miller, Aleia Gardner, Shanalee Gallimore, and Jennifer Park (current GA).

Effective August 1, 2021, I transition from visiting lecturer to assistant professor in the department of African American and African Diaspora Studies (AAADS), my academic home.

I will carry with me discoveries and epiphanies many of you made possible. Two weeks ago, when moving out of my office, I paused to read comments, some dating back to 2014. This is how we began: open walls, post-its, invitations to use them to plan, design, develop, and embody - together - what would become the five-fold tenets of the center: balance, community, culture, mentorship, scholarship.

Photo 1, Year 1: Some responses to the only question we continue to ask: What do you need?

7 years. Nearly 4,000 participants. Close to 50 distinct programs, many originally suggested and co-designed by students, many co-created with dozens of campus partners; some which remain our core programs. Memories:

Truth: It is no small feat to birth what you and a community co-vision. Our intent: To create a center that is distinctly Indiana University; a center that will attend to the whole graduate student and their experiences through holistic practices. Not all of it worked every time, but we learned what did and tried again.

There is so much more to do. The new director will take The GMC to its next needed growth phase. My gratitude in advance to each of you for supporting that person and our graduate students.

For this opportunity: Modupe. Adupe. Obrigada. Shukran. Thank you.

The first Open House, January 2015, Kirkwood Hall