Colour-specified polyurea dormer loft extension creating no-maintenance waterproofing

Seamless, colour-specified polyurea membranes for a dependable and bespoke waterproofing solution - our solutions deliver great value and come with warranties of up to 30 years as standard.

Creating habitable loft space continues to be a popular alternative to moving home. After a dormer is installed, the new roof line must be weatherproofed immediately. Our pure polyurea is a fast and hassle-free means to achieving top quality waterproofing at a price comparable with traditional roofing and cladding systems. We create a seamless coating that can incorporate roof and elevations, as well as details such as chimney pots. With the membrane dry within 30 seconds following spray-application, our super-rapid system cuts out rendering, tiling or leadwork - one process, one trade. The spray-applied products that we use are specially developed for heavy duty industrial uses and are exceptionally hard-wearing and watertight. We can apply a UV-stable topcoat in any RAL colour of your choice, only limited by your imagination - and all with the reassurance of a product/workmanship warranty of up to 30 years.

Why use pure polyurea for waterproofing your loft dormer or roof?

  • It's exceptionally durable, lasting up to 3 times longer than traditional materials such as felt
  • The seamless membrane is fully adhered, meaning zero wind-lift issues, weak seams or vulnerable areas
  • Incredible waterproofing capacity - no degradation even in prolonged contact with sitting water
  • A sealed building envelope can be created to encompass roof with all elevations for a no-maintenance finish
  • Super-speedy system: our spray-applied pure polyurea is dry in seconds but lasts for decades
  • Cuts processes associated with weatherproofing - no tiling, rendering or leadwork
  • Optional UV-safe topcoat in any RAL colour of choice
  • Product/workmanship warranty up to 30 years

Let us show you how it's done.

Upon arrival at site, the dormer has been constructed and boarded in OSB3 ready for us to make minor surface repairs, seal seams and sand the surface.
Edge trims are installed and Prokol Rocapox EP Resin 100 TX primer plus Prokol Rocapox Epoxy gel applied. These specialist products are designed to seal the surface of the OSB3 and promote adhesion of the final spray-applied membrane.
Once the priming stage is completed, the roof of the building is sprayed with Prokol Rocathaan pure polyurea hotspray. Seconds later, the membrane is set and the roof is waterproof.
The elevations and trims are sprayed to join the roof seamlessly.
UV-stable topcoat is roller-applied to the client's RAL colour choice.
That's it. The completed dormer is weatherproof and ready for habitation.

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