Kristina Broughton Designer, artist, writer, dreamer, & creative overachiever

Hello! I'm Kristina Broughton. I like to design fun things that help brands tell their story.

Brand Identity

Family Farm & Home: Refreshed brand identity by creating a color palette, strategic pattern, and photos to capture the lifestyle and mission of the company. I implemented a complete social media overhaul with new strategy, custom hashtags, color palette, and brand consistency. (Did not create logo).
Red's Smokehouse: Designed a consistent brand identity including logo, business cards, gift certificates, menus, banners, magnets, and stickers. Also assisted in creating marketing plan and social media strategies.
Because sometimes the only way to understand it, is to visualize it.


Wesco: I attended a seminar about The Art of Giving Great Customer Service. To relay what I learned, I created an infographic to share with all levels of the company. It was used as a part of a presentation for Leadership Development Day.
Wesco Survey Analytics: I broke down the survey analytics of a sales quarter and made a visual representation of key information. The infographic was used to promote growth and improvement company wide.
Design isn't about thinking outside the box, it's about thinking what to do with the box.

Social Media Campaigns

Over the course of the 2017 College Football season, I partnered with Michigan State University to help run one of their most popular social media contests, the MSU Spartan Pet of the Game. I created all of the promotional graphics for social media, email blasts, digital stadium displays, magazine ads, and website banners. I also managed the entire campaign by keeping engagement up, tracking analytics, scheduling posts, and communicating with weekly winners.

Email banner ad promoting the MSU Pet of the Game Social Media Contest for the 2017 Football Season.
Promotional social media post for the MSU Spartan Pet of the Game contest.
Digital display ad on the video board during the MSU vs Notre Dame game.

Social Media Content Creation: Wesco

During my time working at Wesco, I managed all of the social media. I developed a social media plan that focused on Wesco's brand through a theme of "the lifestyle of Wesco". I did this by capturing the fun and adventurous culture of the company.

Being fun an authentic was important to Wesco's brand. My goal was to implement the fun and authentic lifestyle of Wesco.

Social Media Content Creation: Family Farm & Home

When managing social media, it is important to really connect with followers by understanding their values, beliefs, and interests. I frequently designed content around simply connecting with our followers rather than pushing sales to create brand loyalty from a personal perspective.
Family Farm & Home: National Pollinator Week is an important celebration for farmers and bee keepers. I created a little infographic for social media to share some fun facts about our buzzing buddies.
Family Farm & Home Branded Tagline Project: I came up with over 50 branded taglines that relate to the rural lifestyle of FFH's online followers and customers. I created a social grid with similar designs, alternating colors, and taglines to create a consistent social media presence as well as showing the brand through more visual means.

E-mail Banners

This graphic is the feature cover for Family Farm & Home's 2017 Black Friday Campaign. It was sent as an email header as well as the feature image in a Canvas series on social media for a Black Friday Promotion.
A simple banner ad promoting the new sale for Family Farm & Home. Every other week an e-mail is sent out to over 200,000 loyalty members at Family Farm & Home. I create a new design for each e-mail banner relating to the seasons and rural lifestyle of the customers.
Some things are just better when they are in your hands.

Print Designs

Wesco Deli: Designed postcards to promote recruitment for the new Wesco Deli Commissary. These were mailed to over 10,000 residents in the Muskegon area.
As a Zumba instructor, I am responsible to market my own events in the community. I would never consider anything less than designing my own flyers. (Side note: We had a packed house that day!)
Custom wedding invitation design for a simple bride that wanted a touch of rustic charm.
Custom wedding invitation design that followed the newlyweds story from engagement to thank you's. Everything was customized to fit the theme of their wedding.
Wedding Ceremony Programs: She asked for something unique, so I designed an infographic/storyboard to let guests know exactly what to expect on the big day!
Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio!

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