Jesus-Centered Life youth devotion no.14

The Truth Itself

As long as we’re in the middle of our little Spurgeon-fest, learning what it’s like to live a “beelined-to-Jesus” kind of life, let’s chew on this from the great preacher: “Jesus is The Truth. We believe in him—not merely in his words. He is… the Revealer and the Revelation, the Illuminator and the Light of Men. He is exalted in every word of truth, because he is its sum and substance… A Christless gospel is no gospel at all and a Christless discourse is the cause of merriment to devils.”

Here’s a Victorian-to-today translation of this: Jesus doesn’t merely point the way to true things, or give us an example of what is true, he is Truth itself. So, the best way to know Jesus more intimately is to look at him through this filter—whatever he says and does is the very definition of “good and true,” because Jesus is the source of everything that is good and true. Chasing the people selling “God-junk” out of the Temple with a whip he created on the spot? Good and true. Calling the religious power-brokers of his day, the Pharisees, offensive names like “whitewashed tombs” and “brood of vipers”? Good and true. Praising a “sinful woman” who crashed a society party and washed his feet with her tears? Good and true.

The more we slow down to consider how Jesus is “good and true,” the more we attach ourselves to the “Vine.”

Living It Out

Time for a little spiritual, Jesus-y exercise! Above, we listed things Jesus said or did that were good and true, even though not everybody thought so at the time! We’ve listed them again. For each one, write a sentence or two that describes what (based on what you know about Jesus) makes each one both “good” and “true.”

Chasing away people who were selling things in the temple

Calling out the religious leaders

Honoring a sinful woman who fell to her knees to worship him

For each one, great guesses are okay! It’ll take a lifetime (and eternity) to fully understand everything about Jesus, and that’s okay, too… especially if we understand that everything about him is both good AND true.

A prayer for today: “Jesus, today would you remind me of your truth and your goodness? And as I stay connected to you, the Vine, please help me reflect your goodness and truth to the world around me.”