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Hello Friends,

Before I dive in, I wish to thank all of you who responded to my resubscribe email as part of the GDPR compliance. I'm thrilled to still be in contact with you through these Mindful Musing Newsletters. I also want to extend my gratitude for the positive response to my first Giveaway. It was such a joy to have so many participants, including new friends and followers. I loved gifting my Wrenna Rose totes, two of which traveled out of the U.S. I will definitely offer another Giveaway in the future. Now, for some summer musings...

Two years ago we tore out our unhappy lawn, reworked our soil and landscaped our yard with a drip system and low water native plants. We chose plants that would attract bees and birds, wanting to offer a refuge for our winged friends. With an abundance of rain during spring, our yard exploded this month into a display of wild beauty. The tiny plants we began with have tripled in size with prolific blooms that are now covered with happy bees and daily visits from hummingbirds, quail and other backyard birds. We also discovered a scattering of aphids on our rose bush. Our yard is pesticide-free so I made a mental note to acquire some ladybugs to harvest the pests. Then, I quickly forgot.

The other morning, I was weeding and noticed some bright red ladybugs traversing the stalks of our borage. I was surprised to see five in such a small space. I watched one awhile, making her way down the stalk and back up to the flowers, pausing every so often and then continuing along her path. I pulled out my camera phone and snapped a few photos, focusing on the contrast between the red beetle and the dark green foliage. My near vision isn't great these days, so I couldn't tell if the photos were in focus. But, when I brought the images up on my computer I was delighted to clearly see all the hairy details of the borage plant and the cherry red ladybug. What I wasn't expecting to see were the tiny aphids perched on the borage buds. Only then did I realize the ladybugs were there to feast. Not only were they harvesting the aphids on the borage, but several were meandering the rose bush as well. I didn't need to acquire some ladybugs. They knew exactly where to come to get what they needed, food. In exchange, the beetles provided a helpful service of keeping the pests from damaging the plants. I so appreciate being a witness to this gift of reciprocity at work in my yard.

These are the moments, the small miracles that fuel my creative life. They aren't just moments of beauty and wonder but teachable moments rich with life learning. This single moment reminded me how potent our daily choices are...how a decision to not use pesticides made it possible for the ladybug to arrive and find food in my yard and in return, aid the plant growth which helps sustain the bees. My yard offers daily invitations to consider my place in the larger picture of interconnection, to remember that my daily choices and actions impact the world around me. The natural world continues to teach me how to be a better steward of its gifts and inspires ways to extend that learning to others. May it be so.

Shop Announcement!

I am super excited to tell you about my newest offering...Early Bird Bazaar!

I've been wanting to make my original and one-of-a-kind work available for purchase but not wanting to have these pieces sit and get lost in Etsy. So, I have created a space on my website where I will post a limited number of original and one-of-a-kind pieces for sale on a rotating schedule. I named it Early Bird Bazaar to highlight the fact that the items will only be available for a limited amount of time and will include an eclectic selection of new an older pieces. Additionally, I hope to host a seasonal Auction for Activism through this online space. (more detail to come)

Here's how the Early Bird Bazaar will work:

Items will be posted on the 1st and 15th of each month. Each item will be available for ONE MONTH or until SOLD, whichever comes first. Items will include an expiration date so you can track its availability. Items sold will ship within 2 days of purchase and include tracking.

The Early Bird Bazaar will OPEN to the public on JUNE 21st. As dedicated readers of my newsletter, I am giving you a Sneak Peek into the first listings with the option of purchasing before the shop officially opens. (International friends, see note below)

At this time, the Bazaar is only set up for purchases made within the U.S. However, if you are a friend living outside the U.S. and see something you wish to purchase, simply message me with your request and I will figure out the shipping cost and provide you with an updated purchase price. If you agree to the terms, I will send you a PayPal invoice and make that item available for you to purchase through PayPal. Once paid, I will remove the items from the shop. This is an offer I am only extending to YOU, my loyal supporters.

Savor the Season

Wishing you all a wonderful summer with abundant opportunities to savor the season! Thank you so much for holding space for these seasonal notes in your inbox.

xo, Wrenna Rose

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