The Ocean By: Paige Muir

The Ocean: A Driving Force for Weather and Climate

There are 5 main ocean layers. They are (from top to the bottom of the Ocean); The Sunlit Zone, Twilight Zone, Midnight Zone, Abyss, and Hadal Zone. The Sunlit Zone gets a lot of sunlight and many animals are found here. The Twilight Zone contains no plants and is dim, however there are some animals. The Midnight Zone has absolutely no sunlight, here some animals have no eyes. Abyss creatures mainly don't have a backbone and is deep down into the ocean. Hadal Zone temperatures are at freezing, some animal life lives here.

The Ocean's Temperature

The ocean is an important resource. Humans use it for food, transportation. The ocean regulates climate, and drives the water cycle. As well as oil and gas minerals. One study showed that the Ocean is a 24 trillion dollar resource, however it is priceless.


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